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Landscapes that will take your breath away, rich history, and delicious food, your trip to Italy will be nothing short of unforgettable.

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Castles of the Duchy of the Piacenza and Parma area

Castles of the Duchy of the Piacenza and Parma area

Via Emilia: along the ancient road This itinerary runs along the Via Emilia and precisely along the stretch between the Parma and Piacenza areas, where the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza ruled between 1545 and 1859. One of the world's oldest roads, nowadays known as State Road 9, the Via Emilia is one of Emilia Romagna's prides, as well as being at the origin of the region's very name. Roman road with an epic flavour, in some sections retaining the original cobblestones. Many centuries of history are encompassed here, from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, scattered traces of culture and architecture. Nearby are castles, fortresses and manor houses, extraordinary examples of the art of fortification. Along the route, the landscape changes from the Bassa Padana to the Apennines of Emilia, in a panorama of hills covered with vineyards, streams and verdant valleys. A plunge into medieval atmospheres and witnessing of historical re-enactments in costume. The itinerary is exciting for everyone, including children; educational and exploratory workshops and even a magical Fairy Tale Park in Gropparello are dedicated to them. To make the day truly enjoyable, don't forget to organise a picnic on the lawn, as well as a stop at taverns and castle markets. If you like honest restaurants, you will find many on this stretch of road where you can enjoy renowned cured meats accompanied by local CDO wines.

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