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Relax and wellness

3 of the best wellness itineraries in Emilia Romagna

30 September 2022

4 minutes

The power of nature has incredible effects on psycho-physical well-being and Emilia Romagna, among picturesque villages and quiet valleys surrounded by greenery, one of the most beautiful Italian destinations for wellness tourism. A region where it is easy to enjoy authentic experiences, whether you choose to immerse yourself in history, take advantage of the therapeutic power of the spas or enjoy the renowned cuisine.

Wellness tourism in these parts can be found in a thousand ways and it takes very little to unwind, relieve tensions and rediscover deep relaxation. Have you ever tried, after a stressful day, to walk in the woods surrounded by trees and plants or to walk barefoot in the vegetation? The body's response was certainly not far behind, with renewed optimism and an almost forgotten sense of peace. In Romagna there is no shortage of opportunities to indulge in these experiences and, whether for a short weekend or a longer stay, the art of good living can be breathed in every corner.

3 tips for an unforgettable tour

3 tips for an unforgettable tour

Choosing a destination is not the only essential step in ensuring a wellness holiday. Planning an itinerary in advance is always a good idea. Seeking the support of a local expert, both before and during the tour, is another useful tip to discover hidden curiosities and glimpses of a destination you are getting to know for the first time. A final tip is to think of a slow journey, one that allows you to savour every moment, without the urge to see as much as possible and end up getting tired without appreciating anything. 

The first destination: Bagno di Romagna, for relaxation

The first destination: Bagno di Romagna, for relaxation

Here, the elements for feeling in balance with the world are all there. In Bagno di Romagna, the vegetation frames the village and its thermal waters were known since Roman times. Realising the potential, it was they who established the baths with the name Balneum (Bath, in fact), the remains of which are still visible today. The peculiarities of this place, however, are different and all special.

The culinary traditions are accompanied by myths and legends about fairies and gnomes, who are said to live freely in the woods around the town. Talking to villagers, it will not be difficult to gather first-hand accounts of those who are sure to have encountered a fairy creature at least once, and who knows, you too might be so lucky. Over the years, a thematic trail dedicated to children and anyone who doesn't give up on a good dose of imagination has been created.

The second destination: Ridracoli Dam, emerald green water

Surprise and amazement will not be spared, following a path full of beauty. In this case, you must travel to Santa Sofia, a village immersed in the nature of Casentino Forests National Park, the perfect starting pointto spend some time in contact with the Campigna forest and the reservoir of the Diga di Ridracoli.

Santa Sofia is part of the Slow Cities circuit and among the recipes not to be missed is the stuffed tortello alla lastra, celebrated every year in the renowned festival of the same name. The nametells of the humble origins of this dish, which was prepared by leaving the tortelli to cook on a rough sandstone. The range of experiences on this itinerary is almost endless, but well-being is always in the foreground.

Sports enthusiasts, for example, can go trekking, canoeing and on electric boat excursions and, for bike lovers, it is possible to hire e-bikes with a guide, planning an excursion along the forest track leading to the Foresta della Lama, a ring around the lake or a route on one of the many paths to discover the most fascinating places in the National Park.



The third destination: Capo d'Arno, through ancient paths and great views

The third destination: Capo d'Arno, through ancient paths and great views

The hike in the Campigna Forest offers a choice of different paths suitable for everyone and for all seasons, which retrace ancient paths and mule tracks. Don't miss the one that leads from the Capanna to Monte Falterona to Capo d'Arno, via Lago degli Idoli, an important archaeological site where hundreds of Etruscan artefacts were found.

At Capo d'Arno, the final destination and source of the river Arno, there is a plaque recalling the verses of the 14th Canto of Purgatory in the Divine Comedy in which Dante Alighieri recalls the place from which he most probably passed on his way to Romagna.


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I.A.T. Information Office and Visitor Centre National Park of Bagno di Romagna

via Fiorentina 38 Bagno di Romagna (FC)

Telephone: +39 0543 911046


Pro Loco Association of Santa Sofia

Via Nefetti 3/G Santa Sofia (FC)

Telephone: +39 3332 537303

ITU St. Sophia

Via Nefetti 3 Santa Sofia (FC)

Telephone: +39 0543 970249


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