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Take care of your inner self, and find mind body balance on extraordinary spiritual paths

Italy is a popular destination for spirituality and inner wellbeing. To rejuvenate the body and mind you can choose your spiritual jaunts, walks, pilgrimages and other purification activities. Awaken your senses and evoke heightened emotions on your holidays. Add stimulating itineraries to your to do list.
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Sacra di San Michele

The Sacra di San Michele in Val di Susa, the abbey that scales the sky The Sacra di San Michele in Val di Susa is almost 1,000 metres high atop Mount Pirchiriano. The abbey that inspired Umberto Eco to write his novel The Name of the Rose is a masterpiece. The symbolic Piedmontese monument is also the first Italian stop on the Via Francigena. The entire Alpine valley in the western part of Piedmont can be seen from the heights of its towers. From Roman castrum to Romanesque church The first church was built around 983-987. Legend has it that the archbishop of Ravenna Giovanni Vincenzo, who lived as a hermit here, had a vision: the Archangel Michael himself commanded him to build a sanctuary, which was later consecrated by angels. Thus the oldest nucleus of the abbey was born. The arrival of the Benedictines The church was gradually expanded with a crypt and a small coenoby to accommodate monks and pilgrims passing along the Via Francigena. On top of the primitive church in the 12th century, the New Church was built in Romanesque-Gothic style, on the highest point of the mountain. The New Monastery, now in ruins, was built shortly afterwards to improve the daily life of the Benedictine monks. New cells, kitchens, a refectory, workshops and a library were built. The Sacra became an important centre for culture and spirituality. Up to heaven and beyond The construction became more and more daring. From an altitude of 962 metres on Mount Pirchiriano, it rose to a height of 1000 metres. The colossal stone façade rises 40 metres against the sky. Truly dizzying. Right here, at the main entrance, stands the statue of St Michael, more than 5 metres high and sculpted by Paul dë Doss-Moroder. The Rosminian Fathers and the Savoy royal family The Benedictine era ended in 1622. Only three monks remained, then, and the Sacra was abandoned for several centuries. It was only in 1836 that it was reopened, this time by the Rosminian Fathers, who were also entrusted with the care of the deceased members of the Savoy royal house. The bodies, transferred here from the cathedral of Turin, now lie in the Ancient Halls. Since then, the Sacra has remained a place of peace with the exception of a turbulent raid during the Second World War, when the abbey was stormed by German soldiers. The Staircase of the Dead and the Zodiac Gate It is so called because the staircase was lined with a great number of tombs and skeletons of monks arranged in recesses along the entire height of the staircase, where they remained until 1936. Climbing up the staircase, here and there you can see the living rock on which the monastery was built. Brace yourself, there are 243 steps to the top! At the end of the staircase is the fascinating zodiac door, with the doorposts decorated with zodiac signs and constellations carved in stone to remind us of the inevitable passage of time. If you look closely, you will also catch a glimpse of the capitals depicting Cain and Abel, three people fighting and pulling each other's hair, and two women feeding snakes. The Bell'Alda Tower On the north side of the complex, set apart from the rest, is the tower of the Bell'Alda, which is linked to the legend of a maiden fleeing from a group of soldiers. She was cornered at the top of the tower, with no way out, and chose to throw herself into the precipice rather than be captured. Angels rushed to her aid and saved her. When she told the village what had happened, no one believed her. So she threw herself off the tower again to prove that she was telling the truth, but this time it turned out badly. St Michael’s magical line One of the most mysterious and fascinating stories of the Sacra di San Michele concerns a line that connects seven places dedicated to the Archangel Michael: the island of Skellig Michael in Ireland, Saint Michael's Mount in the United Kingdom, Mont Saint Michel in France, the Sacra di San Michele in Piedmont, the Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel in Apulia, the Monastery of Saint Michael the Archangel of Panormitis in Greece and the Stella Maris Monastery on Mount Carmel in Israel. Legend has it that the 2000-kilometre-long line was drawn by St Michael himself with his sword while fighting the devil. One can apparently sense its power by standing on a particular floor tile that is lighter than the others, inside the church, just past the entrance to the left. It is said that up there, compasses no longer work. Getting here on foot The most authentic and exciting way to reach the Sacra di San Michele is by walking as the ancient pilgrims did. There are two walking routes that take about an hour and a half. The first one links the Sacra to the village of Chiusa di San Michele, while the other leads to the village of Sant'Ambrogio. This is also where the Sentiero dei Franchi (Franks' Path) starts, connecting the Sacra to the Upper Susa Valley.

Discover Italy

Aosta Valley Piedmont Lombardy Trentino South Tyrol Veneto Friuli-Venezia Giulia Liguria Emilia-Romagna Tuscany Umbria Marche Sardinia Lazio Abruzzo Campania Molise Apulia Basilicata Calabria Sicily
AO Castello di Ch�tel Argent gressoney-saint-jean Castello savoia AO Lago Blu Courmayeur - Pavillon du Mont Frety
Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is a paradise for visitors seeking outdoor experiences in nature while exploring history and traditions The smallest region in Italy, dotted with the highest peaks in the Alps, it is the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys winter sports and high-altitude walks. Its green valleys and fairy-tale castles make the Aosta Valley an enchanting place to experience all year round.

Piedmont Torino Basilica di Superga Isola Bella

Piedmont is sure to enchant you with its mountains, hills, typical flavours and uniquely elegant cities An extraordinary heritage of art and history, culture and nature, characterises Piedmont, a region with a thousand faces, one more interesting than the other: cities of rare elegance, mountains that lend themselves to splendid skiing or walking, fascinating villages, hills that are among the best known in the world for their extraordinary wine production.

Milan's Cathedral Lake Como Valtellina Livigno, Carosello 3000

Lombardy: a dynamic land immersed in the present and reaching toward the future, but with an extraordinary heritage of art and nature Lombardy is a region in the north of Italy known for its industry and finance, of course, but also for its art and extraordinary landscapes, starting with the picturesque lakes and its mountains, Valcamonica and Valtellina in primis. Capital and symbolic city, Milan represents the industrious heart that goes hand in hand with other cities with a vibrant spirit.

Trentino Torbole sul Garda Trento Pale di San Martino

Trentino is sure to amaze you with its immense natural heritage, the spectacular splendour of the Dolomites and fascinating sites steeped in history Discover Trentino’s culture of slow travel, taking the time to savour every corner among nature and cultural trails and educational farms. You will find hundreds of hotels offering wellness centres for truly relaxing holidays for the whole family in some of Italy's most beautiful villages, set in unique landscapes.

Lago di Dobbiaco Lago di Dobbiaco Val di Funes BZ Vipiteno
South Tyrol

Alto Adige is a dream place to discover all year round amidst green valleys and snow-capped peaks Combine the relaxation of spa treatments with the pleasure of fun in the snow for a real wellness boost amidst Alpine lakes, beautiful villages and state-of-the-art ski facilities suitable for all ages. All this and more in the majestic scenery of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Alto Adige.

Arena di Verona Colline del prosecco Dolomiti Bellunesi Malcesine

Veneto, a region of wonder, with cities of art of undisputed beauty, as well as the most pristine nature The beauty of Lake Garda, the charm of the Dolomites, the sea of Jesolo, the hills covered with vineyards and the relaxing thermal baths, on top of an immense artistic and historical heritage, elegant cities such as Venice and Verona, quaint villages and breathtaking landscapes. Veneto is all this and much more.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Fusine lake Foro Romano di Aquileia Pordenone
Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia: a treasure chest nestled between sea and mountains A border region sandwiched between the Friulian Dolomites and the Upper Adriatic, blessed with an immense cultural heritage resulting from the influence of different cultures and peoples, cosmopolitan and modern, Friuli Venezia Giulia will also seduce you with its temptations of relaxation, sport and fun.

Cinque Terre - Riomaggiore Genova - Acquario Portofino Camogli

Tucked-away villages, secret little beaches and superb nature: how enchanting Liguria is! Liguria is a wonderful strip of land enclosed between the sea and the mountains, with pastel-coloured houses and breathtaking views. With lush unspoilt nature, many small towns to discover and an incomparable culinary tradition, it enraptures the eye and the heart.

Parma, Statua Verdi FC Cycling Portico di Romagna Comacchio RA Basilica di San Vitale, Ravenna

Emilia Romagna, a region of unrivalled charm, with immense artistic beauty and unparalleled hospitality Emilia Romagna with its Riviera Romagnola offers beach tourism that attracts families and young people to its shores every summer. Rich in sites of historical and cultural interest, this region boasts a world-renowned wine and food tradition. Skilful hospitality does the rest, making Emilia Romagna an ideal holiday destination in every season.

Firenze Colline Toscane Siena Isola d'Elba

Tuscany will win you over with its unique landscapes, cities of art, thousand-year-old history and fantastic food Tuscany’s magical atmosphere evolves day by day as you stroll around the cities of art, cycle in the parks, enjoy the sea or savour its typical products, in a region with a one-of-a-kind natural, cultural and historical heritage that has fascinated visitors for centuries.

PG Assisi PG Lago Trasimeno Perugia PG Castelluccio di Norcia

From Assisi to Perugia, via Gubbio, Lake Trasimeno and Marmore Falls: Umbria is a truly enchanting tourist destination Peaks covered in lush forests and vast valleys outlined by rivers, lakes and waterfalls; hills often crowned by villages and castles, crossed by paths steeped in history, art and culture, in a natural environment that helps to restore the body and soul: Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy, is all this and much more.

Marche PU Marmitte dei Giganti MC Lago di Cingoli Palazzo Ducale di Urbino

Le Marche, a plunge into the history, art and architecture of a region with the scent of the sea and redolent of traditions and hospitality A great variety of landscapes and an infinite range of colours that make the area's natural beauty incomparable, plus an artistic heritage that fears no comparison: this is how the Marches, with an area of no more than 10,000 square kilometres, will captivate you forever.

Sardinia Murales Orgosolo Cala Luna Nuraghi - Barumini

Sardinia: a journey to the island of the emerald sea, nuraghi, unspoilt nature and millenary traditions Crystal-clear waters, beaches of soft, white sand, granite rocks framed by wild, fragrant Mediterranean scrub: welcome to Sardinia, an island of a thousand contrasts that will also seduce you with its unique archaeological heritage and its people's innate sense of hospitality.

Bracciano Galleria Borghese Giardino di Ninfa Isole Pontine

Lazio is not only Rome: landscapes and monuments of Lazio Rome, the capital of Italy and a unique open-air museum in the world, is enough to make Lazio one of the most beautiful and interesting regions. Even in terms of landscape, it boasts an area of great impact and remarkable variety, with its long coastline, beautiful hills and Apennine mountains. A destination to fall in love with.

Pescara - Trabocco Campo Felice Campo Imperatore Pacentro

Abruzzo, a journey through history between sea, mountains, flavours and unspoilt nature in parks and protected areas A region in central Italy, Abruzzo has two souls and one heart. Predominantly mountainous and hilly, it overlooks a beautiful stretch of the Adriatic Sea. Here, you will find the highest peaks of the Apennines, such as the Gran Sasso and the Majella massif, as well as the only Apennine glacier, but also some of the most popular beaches.

Campania Pompei Positano Sentiero degli Dei - Costiera Amalfitana

Campania offers landscapes, history, culture and a gastronomic tradition that the whole world envies A consistently mild climate, lush nature framing breathtaking landscapes, unspoilt villages and fairy-tale coastlines: this is Campania, a region that sums up centuries of cultures, between West and East, in a single Mediterranean jewel known for its unparalleled hospitality. A destination for the soul, the eyes and the palate.

Campagna Molisana CB Sepino IS Abbazia San Vincenzo al Volturno Campitello Matese

Molise, a tiny region with grandiose landscapes: come and discover its history and culinary tradition Molise is a region steeped in history, characterised by numerous tasty food and wine delicacies, but also by rich nature reserves and villages that seem crystallised in history. A destination yet to be discovered, amid marvellous seashores and breathtaking high cliffs

Castel del Monte Isole Tremiti Apulia Teatro Margherita - Bari

Apulia: the sunny region between two seas and warm hospitality in places rich in history Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, it is a magical combination of artefacts, history, art and unspoilt nature, amidst beautiful coastlines and picture-postcard landscapes. This is Puglia, a region of golden beaches and crystal-clear waters, intense flavours and fascinating destinations: Castel del Monte, the trulli, the islands passing through towns kissed by a unique and unforgettable light.

Matera Chiese Rupestri Parco Nazionale del Pollino PZ Castelmezzano MT Nova Siri Escursione a cavallo

Basilicata, a region of ancient origins, suspended between two seas and with mountains of great beauty Basilicata is a region where the passage of man has left its mark since prehistoric times. With the ancient name of “Lucania”, it is enriched by an incredible artistic heritage. Not to mention its never-boring panorama, which ranges from the Lucanian Dolomites to the Pollino Park, passing through two seas.

VV Capo vaticano Tropea Parco Nazionale della Sila Spiaggia di Arcomagno - Scalea

Calabria is the region of crystal-clear sea, the Riace Bronzes, Reggio Calabria and Capo Vaticano, a captivating mix of history and beauty Calabria, also known as the tip of the Italian boot, is a region in Southern Italy characterised by the incredible diversity of its landscapes, with the proximity of mountains to a splendid sea that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Agrigento - Valle dei Templi Isole Eolie - Vulcano Noto Etna

A dive into Sicily, where a sea of art, culture and nature will seduce you and become eternal love A predominantly hilly and mountainous area, but one that wins the hearts of tourists from all over the world with its wonderful sea and rich cities with a charm all their own. Sicily is a picture-postcard island characterised by the indelible marks of the people who have lived there and made it unique, amidst artistic and cultural testimonies of enormous value.

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