We make constant efforts to ensure that and its content are accessible to the highest possible number of people, without discrimination, even by people with disabilities who require assisted technologies or special configurations.

Accessibility is an approach that ENIT is pursuing with commitment not only to comply with legislation (EU Directive 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and the Council, as implemented by Law 4/2004) but, first and foremost, to ensure that everyone can discover and experience Italy and its beauties by eliminating or minimizing obstacles to the use of our content and navigation of the official website for tourism in Italy.


"By default" accessibility is a constantly evolving project. It involves specialist professionals and - with a view to improvement - we constantly analyse, develop and update the source code to make the sections, functions and content readily accessible on the site.

Despite the continuous tests we carry out, you may happen to come across pages that are not yet fully, or only partially, accessible to certain user categories. In order to identify and deal with such cases, ENIT has integrated a feedback mechanism designed to provide users with a tool for reporting any faults, problems or obstacles to navigation. For more information, see the “Feedback mechanism” paragraph.


Additional accessibility settings

To make even more inclusive, we have also integrated a special interface that allows users of the site to customize access settings while navigating, thereby meeting the needs of people who, for example, may be blind, suffer from epilepsy, visual impairment, cognitive or motor disorders. For more information, click here


Accessibility statement

The Accessibility Declaration is the tool whereby Administrations can publish the accessibility status of all the websites and mobile apps they own.

The declaration is drawn up and published using the online application, created by AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) in compliance with the model defined by EU Directive 2016/2102 (Annex 1 of the Guidelines). Display the accessibility statement of


Feedback mechanism

Since we believe that the purpose of accessibility is not only compliance with regulations and technical requirements but above all to meet people's needs, may we invite anyone who encounters difficulties in accessing information to report it to the following link