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Relax and wellness

Terme di Caramanico, a haven of wellness and relaxation

Caramanico is a small village of just 2,000 residents perched on the hills of the Majella National Park, in the province of Pescara, Abruzzo. The village is delightful, but what makes it an unmissable destination are the historic Caramanico Terme thermal.

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Despite its modest altitude (just over 600 metres), Caramanico is the heart of the communities of Majella and Morrone, the imposing mountain massifs that gift the surrounding area a breathtaking panorama. 
Nestled between the valleys of the Orta and Orfento rivers, Caramanico is a true hub of natural wellness: it benefits from being situated in an area rich in bodies of spring water that feed many other springs that offer both thermal baths and drinking water that is perfect for bottling. 

A history dating back to 1500

a history dating back to 1500

The town of Caramanico has a long-standing relationship with its thermal baths: the first analyses of the properties of its thermal water date back to 1576. That year, Father Serafino Razzi wrote a note in his diary, for the first time, about the spring known as “della Zolfanina”: according to a local legend, simply by drinking its water you could cure various illnesses, including leprosy.

The first (rudimentary) thermal baths in Caramanico were built in 1836, later replaced in the early 1900s by the current establishment called “la Salute”, which was inaugurated on 4 August 1901 and was managed, at the time, by the Caramanico municipal administration.

Beneficial properties for all

beneficial properties for all

Making the most of the area's springs, containing a delightful blend of minerals including sulphur, the Caramanico Terme thermal baths offer some of the most effective and therapeutic spa waters in Europe. The three springs that generously feed Caramanico Terme are:

  • La Salute” (after which the spa is named) and “Gisella”, offering thermal mineral waters with a high sulphur content. Both boast anti-inflammatory properties for the respiratory and digestive systems, the bones, joints and skin, as well as being very effective in treating ENT disorders.

  • Pisciarello”, offering mineral water with a healthy diuretic effect.

The establishment offers a variety of effective health programmes for both adults and children: 

  • inhalation therapy

  • irrigation

  • mud baths

  • balneotherapy

  • hydrotherapy

  • physio-kinesiotherapy

  • massage therapy

  • pulmonary rehabilitation

There are plenty of wellness treatments for deep relaxation:

  • massages

  • thermal pool with water sprinklers, hydro-massage, an island with shower heads and counter-current swimming

  • sauna

  • steam bath

  • thermal aesthetic treatments for the face and body

  • fully equipped gym

There is also a children’s area dedicated to the well-being of younger patients: a playground and outdoor activities make the spa treatments more fun. 

The wellness centre offers guests an opportunity to relax in the impressive natural setting of the marvellous Majella National Park, offering a series of exclusive services that transform every stay into a well-rounded wellness experience.

Excursions and villages

excursions and villages

Beyond spa treatments, the area also offers plenty of opportunities to explore a unique setting: it is impossible not to fall in love with the medieval village of Caramanico Terme, in the Orfento Valley, with its narrow alleys overlooked by houses with pretty stone entranceways. 

Hiking enthusiasts can explore the surrounding valleys independently or following the guided itineraries that start just a few steps from the hotel. The quirky customs and traditions of Abruzzo's agro-pastoral communities entertain and fascinate fans of local folklore.

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