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The slow pace of autumn with an Italian flavour: itineraries and places to go for your trips to Italy

Are you looking for places to visit in autumn in Italy? Perhaps it is the freshness of the air or the changing colours of the leaves, travelling in this season in Italy has something very special about it. The best time of year for unusual activities, such as visiting vineyards and tasting delicious local products. Discover the countless possibilities offered by Italy from September to December.
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Terranova di Pollino

Terranova di Pollino

Located on the Lucanian side of the Pollino Park, Terranova del Pollino is considered by many to be the Gateway to the Park, thanks to its strategic position. It was founded by the Pignatelli family in the 16th century, as a fief of the State of Noia (today's Noepoli), to encourage the arrival of settlers (hence the name ‘Terranovella’, later adapted). The village is located in the upper Sarmento valley, where the colours of the landscape are constantly changing due to the light, creating a a very atmospheric setting. Visitors can admire the rich architectural and artistic heritage, including the Church of St Francis of Paola (16th century), the town's patron saint. Although the church has been restored, it still has the original wooden door, made from Heldreich's pine and a 16th-century painting depicting Our Lady of Grace with Saints Charles Borromeo and Francis of Assisi, by the Lucanian painter Attilio De Laurentis; the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace and another, dedicated to St Anthony, both dating from the 16th century.; Palazzo Virgallita and Palazzo Rusciani (which has a beautiful internal staircase). A few kilometres from the village, on the edge of the surrounding forest, near the town of Santa Maria della Montagna, stands the 16th-century Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pity , rebuilt in the 20th century and since refurbished. Inside, behind the altar in the presbytery, you can see frescoes by an unknown local painter, depicting Sains Peter and Paul, and the Virgin with Child. Nature lovers won't want to miss the breathtaking scenery of the Pollino Natural Park. Lake Duglia is situated at 1375 m, at the foot of Serra di Crispo, nestling in wonderful forests of beech and spruce, the undergrowth thick with ferns and forest fruits. Then there is Timpa Falconara, a mighty wall of rock looking down onto the valley; Timpa di Pietrasasso (1362 m), a spur of ophiolitic rock (a section of oceanic rock) standing more than 50 m high; Timpa delle Murge (1441 m), a site of great scientific interest as it contains basalt rocks formed from deep-sea magma, now covered in holly bushes; the river Catusa, a stunning fairytale landscape dotted with ancient beech trees.
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