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Trentino-alto adige

Madonna di Campiglio

An international winter and summer destination for sports lovers, the "Pearl of the Dolomites" combines nature, charm and elegance.

23 September 2022

3 minutes

Madonna di Campiglio, Pearl of the Dolomites, is ideal for a vacation in the mountains – set inside the lush Val Rendena, the Brenta Dolomites lie to its east, while the Adamello and Presanella groups lie to its west.

Set at 4,921 feet of altitude, Madonna di Campiglio is both discrete and elegant, and among the most imporant skiing hubs in the entire Alpine Arc.

On its way to becoming a village at the end of the 19th Century (with the hand of Giambattista Righi di Strembo), its eventual transformation is attributed to the efforts of Franz Joseph Oesterreicher, who raised its status to that of a highly sought-out resort for nobility and for rich Austrian and Middle-European bourgeois society. Between 1889 and 1894, Madonna even had the honor of hosting Princess Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi) and Emperor Franz Joseph.

Still today this touristic locality shows off its glamorous side, but all in the highest sobriety: its hotels are curated to the last detail, and its good mix of fashion boutiques and artisan workshops draws many a shopper. But the main attraction, Madonna's pristine nature, allows visitors to leave civilization behind, immerging themselves in its geat variety of lakes, brooks, Alpine pastures grazed by animals, and mountain shelters.

The Ski Area boast 57 ski lifts. It extends over 93 miles of slopes, 538,196 square feet of snowboarding and freestyle ranges, and 25 miles dedicated to Nordic skiing, including a connection to Pinzolo and Folgarida-Marilleva. The diversity within this mountainous environment entices guests to traverse its entirety - from its town center to its great outdoors - without even removing their skis.

Among the most remarkable alpine ski slopes in the area, the "Canalone Miramonti" is the famous home of 3Tre, one of the most historical and prestigious alpine skiing events in the world. Born in the early 1950s from the intuition of six founders, including Rolly Marchi, 3Tre was initially a triptych of competitions (slalom, giant slalom and downhill) held in various locations in Trentino, but they would all find their permanent base in Madonna di Campiglio from 1957 on. 

Part of the Alpine Ski World Cup calendar since its first edition, in 1967-68, from the 1980s 3Tre has been solely identified with the slalom on the Canalone Miramonti. From the early 2000s the event is held at night, under artificial lighting, providing an even more unique and charming show in front of 15.000 to 20.000 people every year. 

Since 2014, the 3Tre World Cup slalom has returned to being held every year, regaining its role as a classic of the World Cup calendar, of which it is the sole event to be held on a fixed date every year: December 22nd. 

From the legendary days of the triptych of races (to which it owes the etymology of its name, 3Tre - 3 races in TREntino), today's 3Tre has reintroduced an iconic symbol: the “Maglia Fulmine” (Fulmine Jersey), which once belonged to the winner of the Combined classification of the three Events, today is awarded to the winners of the slalom classic, and is one of the most coveted symbols of the entire White Circus.

For all the snowboard enthusiasts, the Ursus Snowpark is considered one of the best spots in Europe in the Grostè zone that faces the beautiful Dolomites of Brenta, the topography particularly lends itself to the construction of ski jumps and structures for all ski levels, beginners to expert.

It is also equipped with 13.7 miles of cross-country ski range (in Campo Carlo Magno).

The 50,000-hectare Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, and the 280 miles of mountain trails offer incredible sights and sensations in summertime vacationers can trek or mountain bike, enjoying the cool spruces and enchanting larch forests.

The fairytale era of Princess Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph lives on in this “Pearl of the dolomites,” with the Habsburg Carnival every February. The Carnival takes tourists back to the apogee of the Austrian Courty via the Emperor's Grand Ball, set amidst the fireworks shows and imperial processions of this magical reproduction of the long-past Habsburg Court.

A ski bus transports Madonna di Campiglio-Folgarida-Marilleva Ski Pass holders free to the zone's skilifts. 

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