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Basilicata, a region of ancient origins, suspended between two seas and with mountains of great beauty

Basilicata is a region where the passage of man has left its mark since prehistoric times. With the ancient name of “Lucania”, it is enriched by an incredible artistic heritage. Not to mention its never-boring panorama, which ranges from the Lucanian Dolomites to the Pollino Park, passing through two seas.


Matera Potenza

One of the oldest cities in the world, nature, history and culture come together in Matera A place rich in scenery, unique architectural works, views of incomparable charm, Matera has captivated many artists, including Carlo Levi and Giovanni Pascoli, and continues to enchant with its Sassi, a World Heritage Site. Worthy of a long visit, it enraptures the heart.


Unspoilt places, sleepy villages and enchanting beaches The province of Potenza, in Basilicata, is an authentic area distinguished by anincredible variety of landscapes. Nestled between the Apennines and overlooking the Basento river valley, Potenza can be explored entirely on foot. Built vertically, it is equipped with a series of escalators that make it easier to get around. The historical centre, mostly pedestrianised, is an all-Italian cross-section of history and culture. Don't miss Via Pretoria, the Church of St Michael Archangel and the Temple of St Gerard, the city's patron saint. For a bit of socialising, head for Piazza Mario Pagano, the most famous square in Potenza and a meeting place for the locals. The town of Venosa, also known as the city of Horace, is one of the region's main attractions with its great variety of monuments, experiences and activities. From the Aragonese Castle to the Abbey of the Holy Trinity via the thermal baths and the house of the great poet of Imperial Rome are just some of the must-sees. The only outlet to the sea in the province is the coast of Maratea, butit is the entire area around Potentino that is full of surprises, especially naturalistic ones. Set off from Vulture, an extinct volcano located in the northern part of the province, and then head for the Monticchio Lakes and the San Fele Waterfalls also located in the area. One experience to put on your agenda, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie, is the Flight of the Angel. In fact, it is carried out at an altitude of approximately 1100 to 800 metres above sea level. The length is about 1452 metres and speeds close to 130 km/h can be reached. Cardiopalma assured. Finally, the crowning glory, the Pollino National Park. This time we are in the southern area of the province of Potenza, specifically between Basilicata and Calabria between the provinces of Cosenza, Potenza and Matera. Here, trekking at altitude is an almost mystical experience.

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Basilicata: an escape from daily stress to rediscover beauty

Basilicata is a land made special by its small silent villages rich in history, its many unspoilt places and enchanting beaches. A unique variety of landscapes including expanses of land, national parks, forests and beautiful lunar-looking landscapes and then the legendary Sassi di Matera.

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