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Regardless of how you like to spend your free time, holidays in Italy are the perfect opportunity to relax and have fun. Enjoy beautiful and exclusive events, entertaining evenings and local festivities.
Choose from concerts, bars and clubs, there are endless opportunities for fun in the most captivating cities and towns of Italy.


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Giulietta e Romeo 5
06 November - 29 March

Juliet and Romeo

Juliet and Romeo returns to the scene after 20 years, in a new production by the choreographer and director Fabrizio Monteverde to celebrate this anniversary. It is a two-act ballet freely inspired by William Shakespeare's tragedy. Romeo and Juliet made its debut at the Carlo Felice in Genoa in 1989 performed by the Ballet of Tuscany, before being revived by the Ballet of Rome in 2002. With 350 performances and 200,000 spectators it is to this day the most applauded Italian dance performance ever. In the Monteverdi version, the Verona of William Shakespeare's unhappy lovers becomes a dark and dusty area of Southern Italy, fresh from a war and on the threshold of a revolution. In a contradictory post-World War II Italy, Juliet (Carola Paddu) is the protagonist and victim of youthful rebellion, fleeing from imposed traditions and suicidal for forbidden love. Romeo (Paolo Barbonaglia) is a dreamer and martyr of his own faith in innocent love. The mothers, Capulet and Montecchi, obsessive with their intentions of hate and of revenge, both plotting masters wielding even more tragedy throughout. The result is an essential but passionate narrative. A daring reinterpretation of the original work that utilizes universal feelings and ideas that captivate Shakespeare's readers which resonates just as strongly in their translation into dance through the energetic and overwhelming style of Fabrizio Monteverde’s choreography. Artistic direction : Francesca Magnini Choreography and direction: Fabrizio Monteverde Duration: 120 minutes (including interval) SHOWTIMES: DATE CITY THEATRE 6th November 2022 Montecatini Terme Teatro Verdi 19th November 2022 Viterbo Teatro dell’Unione 24th November 2022 Forlì Teatro Diego Fabbri 25th November 2022 Sacile Teatro Zancanaro 26th November 2022 Bergamo Teatro Creberg 10th December 2022 Civitavecchia Teatro Traiano 25th March 2023 Bologna Teatro Celebrazioni 29th March 2023 Rovereto Teatro Zandonai