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A village surrounded by mountains, on a rocky promontory at 1,250 metres above sea level, from which it overlooks the valley of the Sangro river, Opi is in the heart of the Abuzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.

Nature, in all its beauty and variety, can be particularly appreciated in the idyllic Val Fondillo, the greenest valley in the National Park. A visitor centre with useful information on routes and services welcomes those who arrive in this valley, where you can go horse and donkey riding, practice archery or rent a mountain bike and enjoy the cycle paths. The Museum of the Forest and Humanity, located in an old sawmill, where the wood of the valley's beech trees was once sawn, presents the history and work of the local woodcutters and muleteers. Another nature museum is dedicated to chamois, allowing you to get to know this animal better, with the possibility of seeing some in the nearby wildlife area.

The historic centre of the village, also depicted by the Dutch artist Escher, proceeds along evocative alleyways towards the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which, despite its medieval origins, was redesigned in the seventeenth century, and to the noble chapel dedicated to the patron saint, San Giovanni Battista, in the central square of the village.

To satisfy your tastebuds, you should not miss the typical local products, of which the honeyand sheep cheeses occupy a prominent place.


67030 Opi AQ, Italia

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