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Useful information in the event of an emergency

When travelling abroad, knowing what numbers to call in an emergency can be of great help.

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Emergency numbers in Italy

If you find yourself in serious difficulty and need help, the single number to call for  emergencies in Italy is 112. This is a free number to dial without any prefix: the operator will put you in touch with the most appropriate authority or service.

For needs limited to specific areas, you can call the following numbers:

  • State Police: 113 (accidents, thefts, etc.).
  • Fire brigade: 115 (fires, weather emergencies).
  • Urgent and emergency medical attention: 118 (health-related needs). This number is also relevant for mountain or cave rescue.
  • Roadside Assistance: at all hours of the day for motorists in emergency, assistance is provided by the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI), a federation of 106 provincial Automobile Clubs, which represents and protects the interests of Italian motoring. You can contact them on 803.116 or visit the official ACI website.
  • Forest ranger: 1515
  • Travel information: 1518
  • Sea rescue: 1530
  • Veterinary assistance (my vet of Poste Italiane)
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