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Phone calls and Internet

While travelling, always being connected to the Internet has become practically a must these days: in this section, we offer all the necessary information you will need for stress-free travel around Italy.

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Internet, Wi-Fi and data roaming in Italy

If you do not have a tariff plan that allows you to use the data network at no extra cost, we recommend using the Wi-Fi networks in Italy. As well as the free Wi-Fi networks in Italy provided by hotels and on means of transport, such as Wi-Fi on trains, you can also use Wi-Fi offered free of charge by many commercial establishments, such as bars and restaurants, attractions, cultural venues, etc.

Another very useful service is Piazza Wi-Fi Italia, the national network of free internet access. Before leaving, we recommend downloading and registering on the app (available for iOS and Android). Thanks to the geo-located map (also downloadable for offline use), this will allow you to easily locate the nearest Piazza Wi-Fi Italia hotspot.

You can also use a SIM card from an Italian operator offering your desired amount of GB.

Data roaming. A word of warning: it is a good idea to inform yourself about available offers and tariffs beforehand, to avoid unknowingly running out of credit. If your tariff plan includes additional costs for roaming, we recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network. For information on roaming services and any additional costs, you can check the dedicated page on


Mobile phones and SIM cards in Italy

The Italian mobile network is based on LTE technology. The 4G network is the most widespread and ensures an average coverage of 99.3% across the country. 5G is currently only available in Milan, Bologna, Turin, Rome and Naples.

To call an Italian telephone number from abroad, you need to dial the Italian dialling prefix and international calling code 0039 (+39), followed by the user’s telephone number, whether calling from a landline or a mobile phone.

To call from Italy to another country, you need to dial 00 (+) with the international dialling code of the country you want to call, followed by the number you want to reach.

Depending on the length of your stay, we recommend purchasing an Italian SIM card to keep costs down. For calls within Italy, simply dial the telephone number without the country code. There are fewer and fewer telephone booths in Italy, but some can still be found on the street, in some establishments, and in shopping centres: they work using coins or cards that can be bought at tobacconists, newsagents and phone shops.

To call a landline in Italy, remember that each telephone number is preceded by a prefix that varies from area to area. Both must be included. To find out the area code of the location of your stay, you can check the Pagine Bianche website.

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