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Relax & Wellness


A wellness weekend at the Euganean Spas

Terme Colli Marketing

- 24 January 2023

3 minutes

In Veneto, wellness and nature combine perfectly at the spas of Abano and Montegrotto. These thousand-year-old spas, well-known to the Ancient Romans, now offer specialised and modern centres for relaxation and preventive health, in a natural park to be explored on foot or on horseback, in the evocative landscape of the Euganean Hills.

In the two main spa towns and throughout the surrounding area, you will find architectural works, ancient villages, museums, castles and ancient residences that are all worth a visit.

Europe's largest spa area is in Abano and Montegrotto

Staying in one of the many hotels in the Euganean Spas is all about taking care of your wellbeing, rediscovering your psychophysical balance and completely regenerating yourself.

The spa area is the largest in Europe: it includes more than 100 establishments, each one equipped with wellness areas specialised in the use of mud and thermal water, with numerous treatments for the prevention of many ailments.

Here you can find the most innovative beauty treatments with natural products, massages, salt caves, aroma and colour therapy, saunas, Turkish baths, Kneipp paths and much more.

Besides the spas, you can enjoy more than 200 indoor and outdoor thermal pools where you can take a swim or simply be soothed by the thermal water.

A stay is ideal for drawing positive energy directly from nature.

30 trails in the Euganean Hills for hiking in the volcanic heart of Veneto

The Abano and Montegrotto spas are immersed in the Euganean Hills, a natural park covering over 18,000 hectares. 

The unique morphology of these hills is due to their volcanic origin, which has generated different landscapes with alternating alpine and Mediterranean vegetation

Among the more than 30 official trails, you can choose the most suitable route: from the major differences in altitude for experienced hikers, to flat white roads for those who prefer less strenuous walks.

The extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna species, some of them rare and protected, makes this park a real treasure trove of biodiversity.

Your gaze will be captured by breathtaking views and glimpses at every step. 

A walk through the streets of the mediaeval village in the footsteps of the Poet

Among the southernmost hills of the Euganean Hills, the village of Arquà Petrarca is a small mediaeval treasure chest. Its charm and ambience combine with the notoriety of its name. It was here that the poet Francesco Petrarca spent the latter years of his life, and the village jealously preserves the aura of his presence.

A visit to Petrarca's house is a must, with its small study, the frescoes inspired by his life and works, and the view of the mountains from his window.

After your visit, it is a good suggestion to have an aperitif to taste the many products of Veneto gastronomy in one of the pretty little restaurants in this village, one of the most beautiful in Italy.

The Historical Garden of Valsanzibio, a small Euganean Versailles

A few kilometres from the Euganean Spas lies a unique place in Veneto: a monumental garden created in the 17th century by Gregorio Barbarigo to a design by Luigi Bernini.

The Giardino Storico di Valsanzibio welcomes visitors with its Portale di Diana (Diana's Gate) that dominates the ancient landing stage for boats, and the marshland, what remains of the ancient fishing valley of Santo Eusebio, from which this locality, ValSanZibio, takes its name.

A visit to the garden is enriched with symbolism and meaning every step of the way, amidst exotic tree species, manicured hedges and centuries-old plants. The entire path is dotted with fishponds, water features and sculptures, and represents an allegory of human existence and the path to purification.

Finally, you can test yourself in the labyrinth: a maze of boxwoods culminating in the central tower, from which you can enjoy the view of the entire route. 

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