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Landscapes that will take your breath away, rich history, and delicious food, your trip to Italy will be nothing short of unforgettable

Get ready to explore beautiful destinations, learn about ancient cultures and savour the most loved cuisine in the world. History, art, sport, relaxation, well-being and above all food for the body and soul. Italy is the ideal Country in which to relax and recharge, without sacrificing any fun.

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The MArCHESTORIE festival, a unique opportunity to discover tales and traditions of the Marche region's villages

The date is from 2 to 18 September 2022. And the location? In the streets and squares of 100 Marche villages. The villages of the Marche, amidst sea and mountains Every village, from the smallest one perched on the Apennines to the busiest along the coast, is the keeper of a fragment of the identity of the Marche region. This is why the villages have been chosen to tell the heritage of stories, myths and legends of a land that goes from the sea to the mountains, among stone towns, mediaeval fortresses, hilltop villages, churches full of mystery, and palaces brimming with stories. The travelling festival: where and when Promoted by the Marche Region and the Marche Cultura Foundation, the second edition of the festival involves 100 villages with a full calendar of events spanning three weekends, from Friday to Sunday, from 6pm to midnight. The dates to remember are: 2 to 4 September, 9 to 11 September and 16 to 18 September. Each weekend, in each of the participating villages, you can attend a performance that recounts a tradition, a historical event, a legend or a character that belongs to the locality and is part of its identity of the past and present. Museums, libraries, churches, palaces and shops will also be open for the occasion, and there will be displays, exhibitions, handicrafts, costumed re-enactments, guided tours and tastings in the village streets. MArCHESTORIE is an opportunity not to be missed and an opportunity to discover the secret stories of the villages and the many facets of the Marche region. The festival performances Each village tells a local story taken from historical documents or oral tradition and reworked in different ways: through theatre, music, video or contemporary language, stories are told of the Sibyl of the Apennines, or of St George defeating the dragon that dwells in the lake, the spirits of fire or the battles between the lords of the castles, characters from the remote or more recent past, saints and popes, witches and warriors. Storytelling is at the very heart of the festival, and you will once again feel like children listening to their grandparents' fairy tales. So many stories to discover Among the stories to be discovered are the legend of the Angel of Fire in Sarnano, the Brunforte fairy tales in the castle of Massa Fermana, the vicissitudes of the 'tough pope' Sixtus V born in the Marche, the arcane voice of the Sibyl that echoes in the caves of the Apennines, the adventures of the heroes of the Risorgimento, the mystery of a castle that disappeared, and one that was destroyed by demons. Amidst a stroll through the Borgo degli Amanti and the discovery of the brigand-infested Costa dei Guai, there will be time to meet the condottiere Rinaldo da Monteverde, to explore the volcano of Montappone and the Montagna Incantata di Fiastra, to learn about the "battle of the pig" in Offagna and the Insurgents of Falerone. These are almost always stories that you can only discover here and nowhere else. The beauty of the villages Each tale comes to life in the place to which it belongs, and provides an opportunity to walk through the stone streets of the most fascinating villages in the Marche region, enchanted by the hospitality of the communities that reveal all their secrets, knowledge and beauty to visitors. Wander among the crenellated walls of a fortress, walk along the steep streets of a village clinging to the mountain, or enjoy a break in a Renaissance square. While you're there, hunt for artistic and architectural beauties by taking advantage of the special openings of places that are not always accessible. And perhaps treat yourself to a nature walk in the surrounding area to discover peaks, caves, forests and waterfalls.
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