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Alternative Easter Monday

Not just barbecues: 8 ideas on what to do on Easter Monday in Italy

Tired of the usual barbecue grill? Here are some ideas on what to do for a different Easter Monday.

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If you’re fed up with the usual barbecue grill, in Italy you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can inaugurate the season at the beach or dedicate yourself to relaxation at a thermal spa, take advantage of a day trekking or explore a village, stroll in the gardens of a historic villa or among the halls of an exhibition.

The choice is yours: here are some ideas for spending Easter Monday in perfect Italian style.

A day in parks and gardens spending Easter Monday in Lazio

The Garden of Ninfa at Latina

If the weather permits, it’s traditional to spend Easter Monday outdoors enjoying the first spring days. Better still in a beautiful flower garden. Italy is full of historic gardens to discover.

Enjoy a walk among the waterfalls of Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli or be enchanted by the flowering Garden of Ninfa in Latina. Those in search of something unusual might find the grotesque and fascinating statues of the Parco dei Mostri in Bomarzo, near Viterbo just the ticket.

The submerged archaeological park of Baia, for a dive into history

Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia near Naples

Italian archaeological sites are perfect to spend a day outdoors walking among the wonders of the past.

One of the most fascinating on offer is undoubtedly the Submerged Archaeological Park of Baia, near Naples. It is explored on glass-bottomed boats and is nicknamed the "submerged Pompeii" because it has a structure similar to the Roman city. It will certainly be an experience that will take your breath away and make your day truly unique.

Historic villas in Veneto to admire pure beauty

Villa La Rotonda of Palladio in Veneto

The Venetian Villas, or Palladian Villas, are many, just one day wouldn’t be enough to see them all.

Choose a stretch of the long itinerary that winds between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia and feel noble for a day: you’ll discover rooms richly decorated by the aristocrats of the Republic of Venice who built their sumptuous summer villas there. From Villa Almerico Capra to Villa Gazzotti Grimani, from Villa Godi to Villa Forni Cerato: decide your route and enjoy a feast for your eyes.

Glimpses of the most beautiful villages in Italy

La Scarzuola in Terni, Umbria

Any occasion is good for a wander through the alleys of medieval villages that offer splendid views and mouth-watering typical cuisine. Every corner of Italy has infinite treasures to offer, all that remains is to choose which village to explore and book into a farmhouse.

A special idea? La Scarzuola in Umbria, the ideal city imagined by the architect Tomaso Buzzi. Another opportunity for exploration is the abandoned villages such as Bussana Vecchia, in Liguria, now repopulated by artists. Or Craco, the ghost town near Matera.

An active holiday: trekking or cycling

The coasts of the island of Marettimo in Sicily

If you prefer an active life to that of contemplation, hit the road. A trek in Marettimo combines the splendor of the Sicilian sea with the pristine nature of a wild island.

Or try the Via dei Santuari in Liguria, the Via di Francesco in Umbria or the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara trail in Sardinia. Or why not, a trip out of town by bike and try the cycle path around Lake Orta. The opportunities and places are practically endless, you just have to choose.

Easter Monday at a thermal spa for guaranteed relaxation

The natural hot springs of Saturnia in Tuscany

If your idea of ​​Easter Monday does not coincide with the crowds bbq grilling in the pine forest or in cities full of people. What you need is to book into a thermal spa to immerse yourself in relaxation and dedicate yourself to a day of pleasures for the body and mind.

The terme di Saturnia thermal waters are also a pleasure for the eyes. Remaining in Tuscany, if the temperatures allow it, immerse yourself in the waters of Bagno Vignoni or those of San Filippo. Or choose Bormio for luxurious treatments or Milan for peace without leaving the city. In southern Italy and on the islands you are spoiled for choice, from the renowned thermal baths of Ischia to the sulfurous ones of Vulcano, in Sicily, passing through the thermal waters of Cerchiara in the Grotta delle Ninfe, in Calabria. For a dip not only in the pool but also in history, discover the Terme di Fondorgianus, thermal baths in Sardinia, where the water flows at 54° from a Roman cistern inside an archaeological site.

Easter Monday by the sea, to dare the first dive

Island of Lampedusa in Sicily

Whether you feel like taking the first dip of the season or just sunbathing on the beach, Easter Monday by the sea is always a great idea.

Choose the south or the islands to guarantee yourself beautiful weather and already pleasantly warm waters: from the wild coast of the Torre Salsa reserve in Sicily to the turquoise bays of Lampedusa and the Poetto seafront in Cagliari. Enjoy the beaches of Salento before they are overrun by summer tourists.

If on the other hand your Easter Monday is in the north but you don't want to give up the sea, don't despair: Liguria comes to your rescue. The Riviera dei Fiori will surprise you with a mild climate that already feels like summer.

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