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Terme di Cerchiara


Between relaxation and legend

A deep fissure in a rocky outcrop; a canyon carved by a stream of thermal water with therapeutic properties recognised since antiquity: why not treat yourself to a moment of all-round well-being at the Terme di Cerchiara spa? In the province of Cosenza, it is among the most beautiful natural spas in Calabria and all of Italy. 

The water flows into the Grotta delle Ninfe. Steeped in ancient legend, it is said this cave once hid the nymph Calypso from the eyes of mortals. Today, in the cave lit by sunlight shining through a crescent-shaped crack, you can bathe in 30°C sulphur-rich waters, ideal for rheumatic and skin diseases. The mud that settles at the bottom of the pool can be used for an all-natural beauty treatment. 


Terme di Cerchiara

87070 Cerchiara di Calabria CS, Italia


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