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Ischia: a paradise of dream beaches, nature and spas

Remember Suddenly Paradise, Leonardo Pieraccioni's film shot almost exclusively in Ischia? Mind you, the title is by no means coincidental, and as soon as you set foot on this island of otherworldly beauty you’ll understand why.
This is well known by the more than six million visitors who visit this island in the Tyrrhenian Sea every year. As the largest in Campania, they are attracted by this vast and morphologically varied territory: Ischia Ponte, a charming historic centre of narrow streets, alleys and old shops, and Ischia Porto, a small fishing village.
Located at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, and not far from the islands of Procida and Vivara, Ischia is the largest of the Phlegraean Islands.


Fine sand and crystal-clear water
If you’re looking for a large, comfortable beach, head for Chiaia in Forio di Ischia.
If you’re looking for a dream beach with fine golden sand and crystal-clear green water, you should definitely choose San Montano Bay, a mecca for Instagrammers!
The Bay of Sorgeto
is also worth a visit, where you can bathe in a real hot thermal water spring that mixes with sea water. You’ll have to go down (and then up) 234 steps to reach it, but we assure you that it’s worth it.


Thermal waters for care and pampering
Ischia has been famous since Greek and Roman times for the therapeutic properties of its thermal springs.
Try the Nitrodi spring, whose water is potable and has certified healing powers to treat gastritis and ulcers, as well as to facilitate urination. Applied to the body, it cures skin impurities and also has a healing effect.
This is not the only place to pamper and treat yourself: you can choose from the many thermal parks, from Poseidon to the Gardens of Aphrodite, from Terme di Castiglione to Bagnitiello via the unmissable Casamicciola Terme.


Plunge into history
If you want to immerse yourself in the island's history, you should definitely visit the Aragonese Castle, built in 474 BC by the Greeks and connected to the island by the striking ancient bridge.
The Torrione di Forio is also worth seeing, a strategic point from which sightings were made to anticipate invasions in times of war. Next door is the white, cliff-top Church of Soccorso, also known as Santa Maria della Neve. From this point at sunset, you can witness a very rare phenomenon: the green ray. It is an optical effect due to the refraction of light at sunset. Legend has it that whoever sees it will have good luck for life.
If you also have time to pass through Borgo di Sant'Angelo, you’ll be enchanted by its colourful houses and enjoy dining at restaurants with outdoor tables and shopping in the many souvenir shops.


Paradise for those who love trekking
There are dozens of trails, from the simplest to those for experts to explore the wonders of the island, but three are absolutely unmissable: the Pietra dell'Acqua Trail, which passes by Monte Epomeo; Piano Liguori, which reaches the vantage point of La Scarrupata; and Pizzi Bianchi, along a canyon of white tuff pinnacles.


80077 Ischia NA, Italia

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