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Grotta Delle Ninfe


Where therapeutic waters flow

Legend says it was here that the nymph Calypso, who delayed the hero Odysseus’ return to Ithaca, hid from the mortals looking for her. Still today, in this cavern carved into the limestone in the heart of Calabria, there is a mystical air, suspended between history and legend. The stunning Grotta delle Ninfe (Cave of the Nymphs) is a small, natural jewel able to provide moments of total relaxation immersed in nature. 

The waters flowing from this cave are rich in sulphur and offer therapeutic properties, perfect for treating rheumatic and dermatological diseases. They are also ideal for visitors simply looking for rest and recreation, immersed in a tub at a pleasant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. At the Terme di Cerchiara, you can enjoy a completely natural wellness treatment, amid sulphurous waters, regenerating mud baths and an enchanting atmosphere with a fairy-tale charm.


Monday - Sunday: 08:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m.

Grotta Delle Ninfe

87070 Cerchiara di Calabria, Province of Cosenza, Italy

Call +390981990009 Website

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