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Viterbo and surroundings

The province of Viterbo lies in the Tuscia region, in northern Lazio. Renowned for its natural beauty dotted with Etruscan and Roman remains, this area also offers villages and towns perched atop hills. You can begin your exploration in Viterbo, the City of Popes. After admiring the majestic Palazzo dei Papi and the San Pellegrino quarter, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

Among the local villages, we recommend visiting Bagnaia and the magnificent Villa Lante with its Italian-style gardens, the medieval Caprarola with its impressive Palazzo Farnese, and the abandoned villages of Celleno and Civita di Bagnoregio, “the dying town”. Not forgetting Sutri, perched on a tuff cliff. Further down is ancient Sutri, with a Roman amphitheatre and necropolis.

Be sure to visit Bomarzo, famous for its Sacred Grove, nicknamed the Park of the Monsters, with sculptures of mythological and grotesque creatures. For nature walks, check out the volcanic Lake Vico, a nature reserve surrounded by the Monti Cimini hills, or the shores of Lake Bolsena.

To explore the area’s Etruscan origins, head to Tarquinia. Today it is a medieval village, but it preserves splendid Etruscan treasures, like the Monterozzi Necropolis with tombs cut into the rock decorated with frescoes.


01100 Viterbo, VT, Italy

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