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Mel Borgo Valbelluna


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Born from the merger of the municipalities of Mel, Lentiai and Trichiana, Borgo Valbelluna offers visitors numerous and varied features.

Mel is the administrative centre and is characterised by typically Venetian architecture, with 16th-century palaces and courtyards that extend onto Piazza Luciani, the main square of the village. The first settlement dates back to the Iron Age with a residential area and a necropolis of the Ancient Venetians: the finds that testify to these ancient origins are kept in the Palazzo delle Contesse (now cultural centre and home to the Civic Archaeological Museum). Also worth visiting are the City Hall, the trifora of Palazzo Del Zotto, the 14th-century Barbuio building, and the historic 17th-century Cappello Inn, which offers traditional dishes.

The entire area, which has 50 hamlets, is characterised by a collection of rural architecture, frescoed churches and Venetian villas. Don't miss the Zumelle Castle and the Archpretal Church of Lentiai, a national monument with an interesting work by Caesar and Titian Vecellio. From a nature perspective, the area is also worth visiting, thanks to a dense network of trails (300 km ), scenic fjords and canyons: the Kekè and Glo farm and Canyoning Borgovalbelluna can be the reference points for these outdoor activities.

Among some typical products, we highlight the apples (celebrated each year with the Mele [apples] at Mel festival) and the cheeses from the dairies on the left bank of the Piave River. Also of interest is the National Literary Prize "Trichiana Village of the Book", an annual competition for unpublished stories, preceded in spring and summer by meetings and in-depth studies with big names in the literary and journalistic scene.

Mel Borgo Valbelluna

32026 Mel BL, Italia

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