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Recoaro Terme, therapeutic thermal baths at the foot of the little Dolomites

05 September 2022

3 minutes

Recoaro Terme, thermal baths in the province of Vicenza, is nestled in the beautiful Conca di Smeraldo, at the foot of the little Dolomites. It is the ideal location for a relaxing day trip dedicated to outdoor activities, health and wellbeing. The magic of this place is due to its well known healing waters, which flow from various springs that are used for healing thermal baths, in the historic complex of Recoaro thermal baths.

Self care in belle époque style thermal baths

Architectural splendure, a testimony of elegance to the Liberty style, the great prestige this wellbeing health resort has exuded since the belle époque era is evident all around. The Fonti Centrali central source establishment is located just a few minutes walk from the historic centre, it is immersed in a park of over twenty hectares, and is considered the symbol of Recoaro. Frequented with popularity since the nineteenth century for the therapeutic properties of the water, beneficial to help with a multitude of ailments. Today among the treatments offered you’ll find hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, mud baths, massages and beauty treatments. 

There are in fact 9 sources of the Recaoro thermal waters, 5 within the park and 4 nearby, they are distinct from each other due to their different compositional characteristics: Lelia (named after Count Lelio Piovene who discovered it), Lorgna, Amara, Nuova and Lora (a mineral that is also commercially produced), to which Guiliana, Capitello, Franco and Aureliana are added. These flow through the immediate vicinity and can be easily reached on a nice walk. The natural minerals in the water that activate the body’s ability to heal include bicarbonate, calcium, silicates, iron compounds, sodium and magnesium salts and sulfur compounds. 

Adrenaline inducing adventures

To really feel good, at Recoaro, all you have to do is look up a little higher towards the little Dolomites. With peaks that aren't too high but an enchanting landscape, ideal for those who want to relax or those who love outdoor sports: from mountain biking to trekking, from paragliding to free climbing. 

Recoaro is in fact the starting point to many interesting itineraries from naturalistic, historical or even ethnological vantage points. One of these would undoubtedly be the Sentiero dei grandi alberi walk, along the Montagnole Battisti plateau up to the rifugio Battisti refuge. It is probably one of the most awe inspiring excursions in the Vicentine Prealps. The walk of about fifteen kilomeres, with slight ups and downs, takes about 4 hours according to the guides. 

One of the most adrenalin producing excursions would be in Montagna spaccata, on the route towards Recoaro Mille. After a short walk, you’ll come across one of the most distinct sceneries in the Vicenza area: a deep crack in the rocks, about 90 metres deep, formed over the centuries by the force of water. You can buy an entrance token at the Ristoro Montagna Spaccata restaurant, walk down steps and along walkways wearing a helmet, deep into the belly of the mountain to discover this rare geological phenomenon. 


In the German bunker, to relive a bit of history

Returning back to the village, you can stop among the cedars and fir trees of the thermal park and visit the Kesselring Bunker, just by Fonti centrali. Here, at the end of the Second World War, in this territory already full of trenches, tunnels and military paths, the Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht established its headquarters, only to surrender shortly thereafter. Inside the German bunker, some testimonies of the time are preserved, and thanks to the new 3D tour, you can take a journey through time and relive dramatic moments in our history. 

Recoaro Mille, 40 kilometres of slopes for all preferences

Predominantly a winter tourism destination, Recoaro Mille, with ski lifts, is located on a plateau above the centre of the Recoaro Terme, connected to the town by cable cars. The 7 slopes make up fifteen kilometres of trails that descend from an altitude of 1700 to 1000. There’s also a circuit for cross country skiing of about 25 kilometres. The more daring can also try the unforgettable experience of paragliding, launching themselves from the peaks of the little Dolomites. 

Walking about the village

If you’re feeling a little lazy, you can always stay in the village and experience the wonder of walking along Liberty style buildings, churches, and museums, such as those of the soldiers of World War One, and that of the Accordion. Stopping by boutiques and local craft shops, all located in the area of via Roma, via Vittoria Emanuele II and via Lelia, where you can also find clubs and bars open until late. 

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