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Porto Caleri beach: silence, nature’s talking

The wild side of the Veneto shoreline, 6 kilometres of sand dunes shaped by the wind, a coastline of continuously changing shapes.

18 July 2022

The Porto Caleri beach, stretches out within the Delta del Po Park, it is a rich oasis of protected flora and fauna. Shrubs, some fascinating tree skeletons and absolute silence for company.


In search of peace

The Porto Caleri beach is an unspoilt section of the Adriatic Sea that will pleasantly surprise you. The infinite stretch of sand is never busy, and you won’t find long lines of sun loungers, umbrellas or beach bars. There is solitude to be found here, in this stretch of coast south of Rosolino Mare, in the province of Rovigo, Veneto. This is a place for those who love unspoilt nature, and quiet contemplation.

One could benefit immensely from a run or long, solitary walk along the infinite shoreline, or a swim in the clean clear water. You could find yourself immersed in a wild and peaceful dimension justly admiring the panorama.

Pale, fine sand, dunes that change their profile from year to year, forged by the wind. Here and there, shrubs, bushes, dry branches carried by river waters, tree trunks weathered into seductive sculptures. 

A protected environment

Within the nature reserves’ oasis of the Po Regional Park, protecting its ecosystem is of the highest priority. Here nature is pristine everywhere.

Porto Caleri beach is accessed only on foot, along 3 wooden walkways suspended over the water, where the river meets the sea.

Located between the mouth of the Adige river and the Po di Levante, which forms a spectacular lagoon area and therefore special panorama to admire during the hour-long elevated walk.

The diverse environments of a fascinating ecosystem

Along the path that leads to the Porto Caleri beach lies the splendid Litoraneo Botanic Garden, spread over 44 hectares. You need to buy a ticket to enter, and guided tours are possible.

Walking along dirt paths with views of the different landscapes. Close to the sea you find the dunes, then the junipers of the Mediterranean scrub, the reeds of the freshwater wetlands followed by the beautiful pine forest.

On the walkways you can cross islets, sandbanks, and canals of the lagoon. In springtime it’s a veritable riot of wild orchids. As you move from one area to another, you will discover its surprising diversity. Picnic areas are available to enjoy a packed lunch immersed in the unusual landscape. 

The skies inhabitants

Other that the usual seagulls, in this habitat there are also yellow legged herring gulls, and the rare pink gull, so named for its soft pink plumage. With a little luck, you’ll be able to spot them in flight, or while they rest placidly in the water. Grey herons, cormorants, flamingos and hawks also love this patch above the Po.

The symbol of the area however is, a Plover, a small rare coastal bird on the European list of endangered species. There is a specificly designated area of the Posto Caleri beach, clearly marked as no entry permissible, that is reserved for their nesting activities.

As home to the plover, the area is manned by the WWF, you may even come across their volunteers; they might explain the delicate dynamics of the reproduction of plovers that lay their eggs in small holes between the sand and the shoreline.

Paradise for cyclists

The entire area of the Po Regional Park boasts a dense network of cycle paths. Bring a map to enjoy this slow, ecological way to thoroughly explore the interesting territories between lagoons, sandbanks and valleys. On the plains all is flat, no climbs or descents so anyone can rent a bike and pedal along effortlessly. The stretches along the tributaries of the Po are particularly picturesque. You’ll find yourself on an immense cycle path, where paths loop around and cross over continuously between land, water, expanses of countryside, small villages, rivers and floodplains.

Porto Caleri

Located inside the lagoon a recently built dock houses 550 berths. A particularly strategic geographical point being just a few miles from Venice, Trieste, and Adriatic towns such as Rimini and Riccione, as well as Croatia. Admire the scenery from the viewpoint, then reach the square, central to the port to visit the Yacht Club and shops. Porto Caleri offers suites for an exclusive stay and several bars and restaurants. 

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