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Sottoguda, a small hamlet located in the municipality of Rocca Pietore, is a mountain village in the Dolomites that has always been characterized by the presence of tabièi, wooden barns used by the farmers to deposit hay and tools, symbols of a territory and a very ancient tradition. Still on the subject of traditions: here, in July and August, every Thursday the village comes alive with "Na sera da Zacàn - Arti e mestieri di un tempo" ("Evening at Zacàn - Arts and crafts of bygone days"), an event that aims to introduce guests to typical dishes and local handicrafts. But this is also the ideal place for those who love 'ice climbing': the Serrai di Sottoguda, a gorge with long rock walls that drop sheer to fascinating icefalls... ready to be challenged in climbing!


32023 Sottoguda BL, Italia

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