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Relax and wellness

The Spring Holiday at the Baths of Abano and Montegrotto, in Veneto

Your “Spring break” between exclusive wellness treatments and uncontaminated nature spaces.

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Terme Colli Marketing

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Thanks to the mild climate, the festive bridges and the Easter holidays, spring is the right time for a long weekend at the Terme di Abano and Montegrotto.

Located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, in the province of Padua, this large spa area offers many opportunities suitable for all tastes: targeted treatments, nature walks, parks to visit and tasty seasonal dishes.

If you are looking for ideas for your Easter out of town, for example, in this article you will find some advice for a mini-vacation between the Spa and the Euganean Hills.

Thermal treatments: the best way to get back in shape

Thermal treatments: the best way to get back in shape

The thermal treatments that you will find in the plants of Abano and Montegrotto are of high quality and can be customized according to individual needs.

In fact, in view of the summer, this is the ideal time to test the treatments and thermal products offered by the Spa at the forefront of the Euganean thermal area.
You can choose from the classic thermal baths, in which salt-bromo-iodic water acts on the skin and muscles, reducing stress and relieving muscle tensions.
One of the treatments that goes for the most is ozone therapy, thanks to the beneficial effects on the whole body: enriched by ozone, the balneotherapy session multiplies its benefits allowing a greater venous oxygenation of the tissues.
Ozone therapy is particularly indicated to prevent and combat cellulite, skin blemishes, acne and skin aging, and to ensure the maintenance of physical fitness.

In addition, with a stay at the Terme di Abano and Montegrotto, you will have the opportunity to choose from many specific massages practiced by trained and professional massotherapists.
Draining massages allow, through low pressure massage maneuvers, to drain excess fluids making the tissues more toned and reducing imperfections: what it takes to return to having a luminous and elastic skin and immediately get a feeling of lightness and complete well-being!

In the thermal establishments you will have a wide choice between sauna, Turkish bath, chrome-therapies and emotional showers. The thermal steam cave is highly recommended, a suggestive environment saturated with hot humid thermal air, perfect for muscle relaxation and skin purification.

Thanks to its invigorating and relaxing properties, the thermal cave is considered one of the best therapies against stress and tension, as well as a pleasant means to improve one's physical appearance.

The Euganean Hills in spring: rare orchids and birdwatching

The Euganean Hills in spring: rare orchids and birdwatching

The spring trekking on the paths of the Euganean Hills will give you the opportunity to enjoy the explosion of nature in all its forms.

On your way, in the areas of greatest naturalistic interest, you will find the illustrative boards with photos and descriptions of the species present. From February to June, it is a succession of blooms, among which the wild orchids stand out without a doubt, which represent one of the most fascinating natural spectacles of the Euganean Hills: a multitude of rare and protected wild flowers to discover and photograph in all their beauty and fragility.
Most of them bloom on arid meadows, called "vegri" and characterized by sparse and shrubby vegetation and calcareous soil; in these soils it is possible to observe the coexistence of different species of orchid. Among the most recognizable the Omiciattolo Orchid (Orchis simia), the Butterfly Orchid (Orchis papilionacea) and the Major Orchid (Orchis purpurea).

Spring is also the time of the awakening (or return) of many wild animals: hares and roe deer populate the woods and different species of birds fly over the meadows and nest among the branches or on the ground.
For birdwatching enthusiasts it is interesting to know that in the Euganean Hills there are many birds, including the Wild Dove, the Cuckoo, the Black Gurnard, the Occhiocotto, the Upupa and in recent years also the Gruccione. Above your head it will not be difficult to distinguish the fascinating flights of day birds of prey, such as the Poiana and the Biancone.

In less crowded areas, you may find some reptiles, such as the stealthy Ramarro (bilinear laceration) with iridescent green livery, especially in the sunniest and most rocky places.

Quiet and relax in the park of Villa Beatrice d 'Este

Quiet and relax in the park of Villa Beatrice d 'Este

About 20 km from the Terme di Abano and Montegrotto, there is a place that combines beauty of the landscape, breathtaking views and a fascinating history.

For those who love suggestive walks, we recommend leaving the car near the Church of Valle San Giorgio and continue on foot on Via Tormene and then Via Gemola.
Once you reach the slopes of Mount Gemola, a paved road between ligustrian and sycamore flowers will lead you to the ancient complex of Villa Beatrice d 'Este, located on the top of the hill.
Originally, the building was a Benedictine monastery, where the young noblewoman Beatrice d 'Este, founded in the thirteenth century a cloistered community and retired to spend the last years of her short life. Still immersed in a pristine natural context, the medieval building will still appear enveloped in its original mystical charm. 

From the large park, surrounded by small stone walls, you will enjoy an enchanting view of the valleys and the surrounding hills. The panoramic position and the atmosphere of peace that surround this place invite meditation and contemplation of nature.

The mysterious cave of the romantic park of Frassanelle

The mysterious cave of the romantic park of Frassanelle

About 15 minutes by car from Abano Terme, another place is able to express all its spring charm: it is the Frassanelle Park, in Rovolon. 

The private park of Villa Papafava (which today hosts events and activities) is located in the town of Frassanelle and covers about 120 hectares between slopes and meadows, including one of the most beautiful golf courses in the province of Padua. 

Designed and designed by Count Papafava in 1860, the park is an expression of the romantic taste of the time: the intention was to enclose in a single garden all the landscape aspects of a natural park.

A successful attempt, thanks to the natural conformation of the territory that has allowed the creation of a varied and suggestive environment, and makes it still one of the best preserved Venetian historical gardens.

The area is crossed by trails immersed in nature and fascinating places to visit, including caves, the horrid, the bamboo grove and the neoclassical temple.
The caves are undoubtedly the most distinctive element of the romantic English garden, as well as the most unique attraction of the place, and therefore not to be missed!
In appearance they are completely similar to the real caves present in the surroundings, but here you do not have to be caving and the visit will take place in about half anhour and in total safety.
You will feel completely immersed in the charm of the discovery that enchanted the travelers of the Grand Tour, between dungeons, tunnels and internal ponds.   

Lunch overlooking the Euganean Hills: herbs and Fior D'Arancio

Lunch overlooking the Euganean Hills: herbs and Fior D'Arancio

The experience at the Terme di Abano and Montegrotto does not end here!
Taste lovers will not give up tasting the spring first fruits, during a lunch, perhaps with a view of the flowery hills.

The restaurants of the Euganean area offer fresh and inviting menus in spring, simple dishes made thanks to the very high quality of the raw materials at zero km.
For Easter lunch, Angel Monday and throughout the season, you will have the opportunity to rediscover the flavors of traditional cuisine.
The flagship are the wild herbs and the creative use that Euganean cooks make of them to surprise the palates of their guests.
They will delight you with delicate risottos with carlets, omelettes and savory cakes with wild asparagus; to try absolutely the precious raperonzoli, very white roots with a sweet and pleasant flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts, usually served with grilled salami. Those who love the most decisive and particular tastes can not miss the shoots of pungitopo and hops, which are often served as an appetizer along with the cutlery of cured meats.

Let's not forget that the Euganean Hills are land of great wines, and during your visit you will have the opportunity to taste the Fior d 'Arancio DOCG, a wine made from muscat grapes, loved and known for its various versions and potential.
Unlike what you might imagine in fact, this wine is not only a dessert sparkling wine, but it can give great emotions if drunk in the “dry” version.
Choose it as an aperitif, combined with cheeses and appetizers, with appetizers, but above all with the first courses and dishes based on herbs: the citrus and herbaceous notes will enhance the bitter taste of wild herbs, with elegance and vivacity.


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