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Terme e Colli Euganei in summer: 5 experiences between Wellness and Open-air

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If you're looking for a complete wellness experience for your summer, the best advice is to reach the thermal waters, with their healing and regenerating properties, and enjoy sunbathing, relaxing by the pool, the leisure and sport offered by Terme di Abano e Montegrotto.

Located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, they are equipped with numerous services and offer the possibility of ideal treatments for the summer period.

The entire Euganean area is full of recreational, cultural and natural attractions, perfect for a visit, by boat along the waterways, or by bike along the cycle paths at the foot of the hills.

There are many things to do during the holiday period in the Euganean territory: here are some things absolutely not to be missed.

Summer spas: thermal parks and the best treatments

Summer spas: thermal parks and the best treatments

Let's start with the spas. The thermal parks of the hotels in Abano and Montegrotto Terme are immersed in the green Euganean Hills and you can relax by the pool between baths, sunbathing or relaxing in the shade. They are equipped with sun loungers, parasols and changing rooms and have indoor and outdoor pools. Fun for adults and children alike is guaranteed, with water games, cervical waterfalls, Japanese courses, relaxation areas and whirlpools, hydrobikes, sun loungers with hydromassage geysers and mushrooms with thermal water jets.
Spa treatments are great for combating the summer heat, improving the health of body and soul and giving beauty to the skin.

Let's look at some of the Wellness services that are more recommended for the summer period.

Thermal mud wraps. This treatment helps to purify the skin and increase its elasticity. In particular, the thermal mud pack is indicated to counteract dryness and dehydration of the skin caused by the sun.

Massages with essential oils. Massages with essential oils can help relax muscles and reduce stress. In addition, certain essences, such as mint and eucalyptus, have a cooling effect on the skin.

Hydromassage. Thermal hot tubs are perfect for cooling off during hot and humid days. Thermal water also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and helps prevent water retention.

Turkish bath. The Turkish bath is a steam sauna that helps clean the pores of the skin and promote regeneration. In summer, the Turkish bath is particularly good for counteracting the feeling of sultriness and benefitting breathing.

Cold-Heat alternation. You can help your circulation by alternating saunas or Turkish baths with cold-water baths and by trying Kneipp paths, which are best suited for promoting venous circulation in the legs.

"Dinners in the Vineyard" and "Sentieri Sonori": stimulating the senses with the natural 'spectacle' of the Euganean Hills

"Dinners in the Vineyard" and "Sentieri Sonori": stimulating the senses with the natural 'spectacle' of the Euganean Hills

In Summer, people want to spend their evenings outdoors in the company of friends, letting themselves be captivated by enchanted places that will remain etched in their memories.

The area of the Euganean Hills and the nearby thermal baths of Abano and Montegrotto offer, particularly in summer, wonderful opportunities, in the city and in the hills, to spend unforgettable moments.
In the rich calendar of events, exhibitions, guided tours, tastings and open-air festivals, the most successful events include "Dinners in the Vineyard" and "Sentieri Sonori", hosted in the beautiful setting of locations immersed in Euganean nature. If you are planning your summer holiday, you cannot miss the opportunity to participate in these events, which will make you feel part of the local environment in a unique and exciting way.

Dinner in the Vineyard is a food and wine experience of the highest level, during which delicious dishes made by the chef of international renown are paired with the best local wines. Imagine being in good company at a table between the rows of vines, with soft, romantic lighting, a summer breeze and the profile of the hills in the background. You will experience the magical atmosphere of a themed dinner with attention to detail, while tasting the fine volcanic wines from that vineyard. The dinner between the rows is different and special, an extraordinary opportunity to visit the cellars and get to know the fascinating work of the Euganean vinemakers up close; but above all, it is a way to experience the passion and culture of the art of wine-making in the Euganean Hills, with its excellence.

But, there is another summer experience not to be missed for those who particularly love the music. To reach the summit on foot before sunset, to sit on the grass and listen to the enveloping and intimate notes of a string quartet accompanying the setting of the sun... this is not a dream, this is what awaits you by taking part in "Sentieri Sonori", a series of events held throughout the Euganean area to experience the embrace of nature with live music. The programme combines guided excursions and concerts, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the Euganean Hills, accompanied by the notes of talented artists, who perform unforgettable shows.

The organisation of "Sentieri Sonori" aims to help you discover and love nature in a slow and sustainable way, which is why the performances are carefully chosen for their low environmental impact.

The Ancient Euganean Waterways: history, culture and hilly landscapes

The Ancient Euganean Waterways: history, culture and hilly landscapes

During the summer period, it is possible to discover the enchanting Euganean territory in an original and fascinating way, through the waterways that are still navigable aboard historic boats.

Among the routes of the Padua River Tourism Navigation, the two itineraries along the Battaglia and Bisato canals will lead you to discover the Euganean Riviera and its treasures. A tour by boat will show you the ancient communication route of the Euganean Hills and the Euganean Thermal Basin, along the waterways that over the centuries were the site of commercial and cultural exchanges, to admire the changing and varied, enchanting landscape.

With the shorter tour, lasting about three hours, you will be able to navigate the waters of the Battaglia Canal, starting from the town of Battaglia Terme, stopping at the Catajo Castle and the River Navigation Museum, which preserves the memories and traditions of the barcari.

With the half-day tour, on the other hand, the boat will continue plying the waters of the Bisato Channel towards Monselice where, once you arrive, you can do a guided walk through the medieval town and appreciate the Seven Churches Jubilee Route.

Letting yourself be lulled along the waterways as you explore the Euganean territory is truly a memorable experience, and it is like looking out of a privileged window onto the history, culture and natural beauty of the landscape between the Spa and the Euganean Hills.

A two-wheeled adventure along the Euganean Hills Cycle Ring

A two-wheeled adventure along the Euganean Hills Cycle Ring

The Euganean Hills offer a number of routes and itineraries for visitors who like to stay active. For those who love getting around on two wheels and want to discover the area and its most beautiful spots at a leisurely pace, the cycle loop is the ideal option. You don't need a mountain bike or a particularly sturdy piece of kit: a normal touring bike will do the job.

With a total length of 63 kilometres and just 80 metres of elevation, this route is suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. The full tour takes around 3/4 hours – factoring in stops to visit the most picturesque spots along the way, it's worth spending the whole day! The route is mainly on a paved road surface, except for a few sections of firm, unpaved road. It's a pleasant and relaxing ride, with breath-taking views and cultural attractions all along the way.

Get ready to explore charming villages and sample local wines and foodie specialities as you go.

The route. If you are staying in the spa area, you can start from Montegrotto Terme station, or from Abano Terme by following the E2 signs that lead along the Rialto drainage channel. From Montegrotto Terme, continue on the paved trail and head up the embankment of the Battaglia canal. On your right, you can admire the Castello del Catajo, the imposing residence of the Obizzi family, just before you enter Battaglia Terme, a historic river trade hub.

To reach Monselice, cycle another 5 kilometres, passing Villa Selvatico-Sartori and then Villa Emo Capodilista a little further on. A stop in Monselice is highly recommended for a visit to the square and the castle and for a stroll around the Santuario Giubilare delle Sette Chiese (Sanctuary of the Seven Churches) on the slopes of Colle della Rocca.

After passing through the town, the path that skirts the left bank of the Bisatto canal leads to Este, with its 14th-century castle and beautiful views of the southern slopes. Shortly after, the town of Cinto Euganeo is also worth a visit with its Cava Bomba Palaeontological Museum, an excellent example of industrial archaeological recovery.

You still pedal on the plains, encountering ever new and evocative scenery. In Lozzo Atestinothe next village, the cycle route circumnavigates the mountain of the same name, allowing you to reach the 13th-centuryCastello di Valbona. A long dirt track in the middle of the countryside leads to the ancient river port of Vo' Vecchio and subsequently to Bastia di Rovolon surrounded by the famous euganean vineyards, which produce wonderful red wines and the fragrant Moscato fior d'arancio DOCG. Here is the only uphill section, short and not particularly steep, at the Mount Sereo.

Once the 'summit' is reached, 70 metres above sea level, the road has a short flat section before plunging towards the Frassanelle golf course. Along the way, you admire the Praglia Abbey an authentic Renaissance jewel, an important centre of Benedictine spirituality.

From here, we return to Abano orMontegrotto, completing the exciting circuit of Euganean wonders. For lovers of cycling and the outdoors, this route is a truly unforgettable experience, allowing you to fully experience the magic of this fascinating area.

So, get ready to saddle up and dive into a unique adventure of nature, culture and pleasure, along the Euganean Hills Cycle Ring.

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