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Asiago: the perfect place to ski with taste

Lying amidst peaks counting 500 km of slopes and six cross-country skiing centres, Asiago is an ideal place to enjoy a holiday amidst the snow that whitens forests and valleys.

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What do you prefer: downhill, cross-country, snowboarding or the more vintage telemarking? Or perhaps snowshoeing, horseback riding or riding on a dog sled? 

Or maybe you’re more interested in the Asiago that collects milk from the alpine pastures every morning, which then becomes butter and cheese. Yes, that very cheese, Asiago PDO.

The Asiago Plateau

Altopiano di Asiago - Veneto

Asiago is the main town of the seven municipalities that together make up the Asiago Plateau, amidst forest-covered peaks and large meadows for grazing. As early as 1310, the Sette Comuni (Seven Municipalities) had united in one of the first autonomous governments in history, with Asiago as its capital. It only fell when these lands came under the rule of the Napoleonic Empire.

Today it is a natural winter paradise that offers an immense snow-covered carpet of breath-taking scenery, ice falls, downhill runs, cross-country skiing circuits and itineraries to follow with snowshoes on your feet, immersing yourself in the most beautiful nature of the Veneto region, where it borders with Trentino.

Cross-country skiing paradise

Cross-country skiing paradise

It is no coincidence that this area is considered a paradise by cross-country skiers. In February, the Marcesina plain hosts the Marciabianca Granfondo race. But the there are so many paths through unspoilt nature and its unreal silence that are suitable for everyone. As many as six cross-country skiing centres offer a wide variety of routes for both beginners and advanced skiers.

In Asiago on snowshoes

With the always moderate slopes of its landscapes, the Asiago Plateau offers many different paths to choose from for a snowshoe adventure. The ascent to Fort Campolongo, one of the First World War forts, is among the most classic. Deviating slightly from the route, you can reach Spitz di Rotzo, where a magnificent panorama opens up over Valdastico.

The walk to Malga Pusterle is quite relaxing. The route begins after a small bridge over the stream. For a panorama of snow-covered expanses on one side and forests on the other, try the route up from the Cima Larici refuge to Cima Manderiolo.

But the most romantic route, especially at night by moonlight, is the snowshoe hike up to Fort Verena. You start in the forest but as soon as the trees thin out, the view opens up over Asiago and its lights shining below. Rifugio Verena is also open in the evenings and you can dine there. Make sure to order a plate of tagliolini alla lepre (noodles with hare sauce). And an assortment of cheeses, of course.

Taste Asiago, but not only

With its unmistakable flavour exported all over the world, you can taste it right here where it has been produced since the year 1000. Asiago PDO cheese can be fresh, semi-aged, aged or very aged, but it is always delicious.

But it’s not the only cheese produced in the area, where mountain pastures and an ancient tradition give rise to many local delicacies. Try the tosella cheese too, preferably with polenta and mushrooms.

Other specialities not to be missed are bigoli, game and torta Ortigara, a cake steeped in history because it was brought to soldiers fighting in the trenches during the First World War. The best place to enjoy it is the Carli Pasticceria in Asiago. While you're at it, try their strudel too.

The historic centre of Asiago

Before leaving, the historic centre of Asiago is well worth a visit, with its St Matthew's cathedral, Fauno Fountain and, just a short walk from the centre, the Lumera pond. At the end of your visit, make sure to stop at the bar to enjoy a Vicenza spritz. It is made with white wine, soda and lemon juice here.

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