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Between lake and hills, Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil

05 July 2022

2 minutes

In the area of Lake Garda, where the hills slope gently down towards the shore, the olive-vine agrarian pair is combined with meadows, finding its highest expression.

The Romans gave rise to the flourishing, popular olive oil cultivation in the Benaco area. The climate and the slope of the hill ridges here are enough to dispel soil and climate parameters that geographically delimit the ideal oil crop, allowing the plants to develop and produce fruit.

Today, small farms dedicated to oil production dot the lake area, making it unique in beauty and harmony.

But what are the characteristics of Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil? With a light to medium fruity aroma depending on the sub-zone of origin and the olive ripeness degree, this oil has olfactory nuances ranging from artichoke to freshly cut grass, passing through leaves, hay, herbs, flowers and green pepper. The only certainty is the sweet, fresh almond that presents on the nose and taste with an intense and persistent note.

Round and soft on the palate, Garda PDO oil is entirely balanced.

The Garda PDO Oil Consortium

Recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin arrived in 1997 and the words Garda PDO can be put on the label exclusively by producers in the chain who have complied with the production regulations and the relevant control plan. This is the role of the Garda PDO Oil Consortium, which has the task of supervising the correct use of the denomination's logo as well as protecting and safeguarding Garda PDO from abuse, acts of unfair competition, counterfeiting and improper use of the denomination.

The over 80 producers associated with the Consortium, recognised by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies in 2004, are dedicated to enhancing the production of Garda PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil also through the promotion, diffusion and knowledge of the "Garda" PDO and its trademarks, as well as promoting the sale of Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Italy and abroad and providing information to consumers on the use of Garda PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Garda PDO EVO oil in the kitchen

Garda PDO oil is very versatile in the kitchen, good both raw and cooked.

Its lightness allows it to be paired with many dishes and recipes based on lake fish, but also with meats, meat and fish carpaccio, various meats, dipped in raw vegetables, cooked and raw vegetables, bruschetta and with low-fat cheese or stracchino. It is also excellent for making desserts, perhaps combined with chocolate, and for sorbets and ice cream.

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