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Monte Civetta


Monte Civetta: a monument exalting sport and the natural world

The geographical position of Monte Civetta and the Val Civetta in general makes this zone in the province of Belluno one of the most beautiful and often heavily snowbound local districts.

This wonderful mountain range is in the heart of the Agordino Dolomites, between Alleghe, Selva di Cadore and Val di Zoldo.


A track that suits all needs

Civetta is a paradise for everyone and especially skiers who are passionate about the World Cup. The memorable pistes in the area in fact include the famous Foppe downhill ski run: a black or, let's say, a “very black” route.

You will have no problems finding a place to stay overnight as there are several hotel and (mainly family-run) accommodation facilities in the area which offer solutions suitable for all budgets. If you visit the area during the summer and go on some of the more or less challenging trekking tours, you might also consider the mountain refuges and lodges. The Torriani and Tissi refuges have become veritable local institutions.


A few statistics relating to the Monte Civetta area

You will certainly enjoying venturing out on the 80 kilometres of ski tracks crossing the heart of the Belluno district of the Dolomites. In this area there are 22 ski lifts, 2 snow parks, 1 entertainment park for children, toboggan runs and cross-country skiing pistes.

Those who want to remain out on the snow in the moonlight can also engage in night-skiing excursions. At Valzoldana there are 5 kilometres of illuminated tracks. The Civetta zone also attracts large numbers of cross-country skiers, who can ski along the 40 kilometres of local routes, the most important of which are at Selva di Cadore, Zoldo and Palafavera.

Those who practice mountain skiing may choose between various pistes. One of the most important extends along the north face of the Civetta massif. And then, our little ones will have a lot of fun in the snow in the Happy Park at Alleghe, at the Zoldoland play-park and on the pistes of the Santa Fosca ski school.

Monte Civetta is a paradise also for various other reasons apart from skiing. Visitors can spend time at the ice stadiums or at the ice-polo centre or go skating and even have a go at ice-climbing. During the summer months other options include various hiking trails, climbing areas and the “vie ferrate” (protected climbing routes).

People who love spending their time in the mountains will discover romantic villages that may be visited in all seasons of the year and, of course, the feast of vivid colours engendered by the sun as it sets on the horizon, inflaming the rocks and the snow-covered vegetation. Observing these natural spectacles will leave you with wonderful memories.


Our advice

Around the Col di Lana mountain there is a special ski route where one can participate in the Great-War Ski Tour. Starting from Alleghe, the itinerary extends through some of the main areas affected by the First World War conflict. You may also be escorted by an expert guide, who will reveal various curiosities of the sites. For holiday-makers who visit this area in the summer the Coldai Lake is certainly worth visiting. This splendid mountain lake is situated between Monte Civetta and Monte Coldai.

A famous destination for lovers of the Dolomites who are attracted by the shades of its waters, the ease of access and a majestic natural dimension and landscape surrounding it, the lake is one of the most frequently visited and endearing attractions of the UNESCO Dolomites.

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Monte Civetta

Monte Civetta, 32022 Alleghe BL, Italia

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