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Cycle around Bergamo

By bike near Bergamo: 7 routes suitable for everyone

7 cycling itineraries, to discover the beauty and variety of the Bergamo area.

5 minutes

You don't need to be an expert cyclist to try some of the most beautiful cycle paths in Lombardy and explore the province of Bergamo on two wheels. The 60 kilometers Val Seriana cycle path is the longest in the whole Bergamo area, but the others are no less beautiful. You can immerse yourself in the greenery of Val Brembana or head for Lake Iseo, or even venture into the lands of Vescovado and the Bassa Bergamasca alternating relaxing bike rides with visits to beautiful medieval castles of which the area has many.

Get on the saddle and get ready to enjoy an exciting experience, environmentally friendly, good for your health and also your mood. Here are 7 cycle paths suitable for everyone, near Bergamo.

The Val Seriana cycle path is the longest in the whole Bergamo area

Serio Bridge in Crema, Italy

The Val Seriana cycle path starts right from the center of Bergamo and ends in Valbondione along the Serio river in most of the sections. 60 kilometers suitable for everyone, for a dip into a varied landscape dotted with small villages.

The well-organized signage facilitates orientation, while the numerous equipped areas guarantee a supply of water. If you are with a family and with children, the route from Torre Boldone is ideal. If you are looking for relaxation in the woods, aim for the Clusone plateau. Here, you will cross bridges over streams, you will come across ancient hydroelectric plants and at certain points it will feel natural for you to stop, to enjoy the spectacle of the nearby mountains.

Starting point: Parco della Conciliazione, Bergamo 24020
Distance: 60 kilometers
Duration: 4 - 5 hours
Difficulty: Low

The Val Brembana cycle path, following the old railway

Village of Cornello dei Tasso in the province of Bergamo

The Val Brembana cycle path extends from Zogno to Piazza Brembana and follows the old railway track, abandoned in the 1960s. The asphalt surface makes for smooth pedaling to enjoy a relaxing easy going ride on two wheels.

Along the cycle path, you encounter beautiful views of the Brembo river, with its sheer rock walls, various well-lit tunnels and small villages of historical interest. Among these are San Pellegrino Terme and Cornello dei Tasso, included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Starting point: From Zogno 24019 BG
Place of arrival: Piazza Brembana 24014 BG
Distance: 22km
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Low

The cycle path of Bergamasca Island, cycle on the Adda river

Two cyclist on the riverside of Adda river in Lombardy

The Isola Bergamasca cycle path is about fifteen paved kilometers long, starting from the western area of ​​Bergamo, called Isola Bergamasca, and arriving in Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII.

Along this itinerary you cycle on a sort of footbridge over the Adda river, close to the hills. You cross the villages of Locate, Pratolongo and finally Sotto il Monte, where you might enjoy a visit to places linked to the life of Pope John XXIII: his birthplace, the churches of Santa Maria and the parish church.

Starting point: From Bergamo west (Ovest) 24127 BG
Place of arrival: Sotto il Monte 24039 BG
Distance: 15km
Duration: 1.25 hours
Difficulty: Medium / low

From Lovere and Sarnico: by bike on Lake Iseo

Woman on a bench in front of Lake Iseo in Lombardy

You can pedal along the wonderful Lake Iseo, caressed by the mild lake climate. From Iseo to Sarnico you have the Torbiere del Sebino cycle path at your disposal, suitable for all levels of training. Simple and flat, the stretch from Sarnico to Lovere offers the most beautiful views, but you have to be careful of traffic because the roadway is shared by cars and bicycles.

At the end of the tour, park your bikes and take a break in a restaurant in Lovere where you can try Tinca al forno (baked tench), the local specialty of this delightful town full of historical monuments and located on the western bank.

Departure place: Iseo 25049 BS
Place of arrival: Sarnico 24067 BG
Distance: 9 km
Duration: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Low

The tour of the Astino Valley, along the ancient streets of the hills of Bergamo

The Former Monastery of Astino in Bergamo, Italy

Starting from the Bergamo railway station, along an asphalted route with some stretches of cobblestones. You are cycling in the landscape of the Astino Valley, a large green and hilly area, on a 17 km long cycle path that retraces some of the ancient paths of the Bergamo hills.

One stop to not miss is the former Monastery of Astino with the annexed Chiesa del San Sepolcro. The complex dates back to 1107, interesting for the naturalistic context in which it is immersed, as well as for its architectural value. It is an oasis of peace surrounded by woods and hills.

Departure point: From the Bergamo railway station - Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi, 7, 24122 BG
Place of arrival
: Astino 24129 BG
Distance: 17 km
Duration: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium

The Bergamaschi Castles cycle path, ancient manors scattered through the countryside

Malpaga Castle in the province of Bergamo, Italy

The Bergamaschi Castles cycle path extends along 36 kilometers that separate Treviglio and Grumello del Monte. This is where the cycle path winds its way, with paved sections and other dirt roads along country paths. The landscape is that of the Bassa Bergamo area, an area to relax in nature, while the castles represent the cultural aspect of this sensational bicycle excursion.

Turning north, you cross Brignano Castle, or rather Palazzo Visconti, a building of medieval origin. According to a legend, it is the castle of “The Unnamed”, the character created by Alessandro Manzoni in the Promessi Sposi. Get back on your bike to enter the Parco del Serio and reach the fourteenth-century Castello di Malpaga, surrounded by 300 hectares of fields. Around the castle, a small historic village that is worth a visit.

Departure place: Treviglio 24047 BG
Place of arrival: Grumello del Monte 24064 BG
Distance: 36 km
Duration: 3.25 hours
Difficulty: Medium

The Serio Natural Park cycle path: the Quadrifoglio route

A kingfisher in a natural park

The Quadrifoglio Cycle Tour winds its way from Terre del Vescovado to Terre del Colleoni - named after the families they belong to - and is divided into two: the first, shorter, of about 26 kilometers, the second, longer, of 51 kilometers. You enter the green oasis of the Serio Natural Park, on a route that alternates between paved and dirt roads. Excellent signage and notice boards with detailed information on the flora and fauna, also useful for the youngest cyclists.

Do stop to read the description of the Laghet di Rane, a wetland recently restored to preserve its rich biodiversity. Continuing to pedal you will come across the Laghetti del Guado, small lakes, various bridges and also in this case numerous castles, including that of Malpaga, as on the Bergamaschi Castles cycle path. The Camozzi Vertova Castle in Costa di Mezzate will leave you speechless. Dotted around the park, various farmhouses are ready to welcome you with a platter of cold cuts and tempting risottos.

Departure place: Terre del Vescovado, BG
Place of arrival: Terre del Colleoni, BG
Distance: 26 km or 51 km
Duration: 2.5 hours or 4 hours
Difficulty: Low or medium depending on the chosen route

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