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Lake Iseo


Hunting dinosaurs or perch

Like a sapphire set among the Orobic Pre-Alps at the foot of the Valcamonica, a large pre-alpine lake shines. It is the fourth biggest in Italy with its 25 kilometres in length, formed by the river Oglio and other minor tributaries. Lake Iseo, halfway between Bergamo and Brescia is an ideal destination for cyclists and families, but also for fishing enthusiasts.

If you want to drive along the entire coastline, you have to plan about two hours, but the advice is to enjoy the view directly from the boats which in just five minutes of navigation will take you from Sulzano to the jewel of this stretch of water: Monte Isola veritable floating mountain towering 600 metres high.

In 2016, one and a half million visitors had the privilege of reaching Europe's largest lake island from the footbridge designed by Bulgarian artist Christo and christened 'The Floating Piers'.

But if you didn't manage to 'walk' on the waters of the Lombard lake basin at the time, you may decide to embark on another adventurous experience: chasing the fossil footprints of the Archosaurs, prehistoric reptiles up to 6 metres long, on the rock of the paleontological site of Zone. Also worth a stop is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy reflected in the lake, Lovere.

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Lake Iseo

Lago d'Iseo, Italia

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