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8 things to do to experience the beauty of the Bergamo Alps

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A trip out of town on a Sunday, for the weekend or a full week: all great options to enjoy the Bergamo Alps and Prealps that offer beauty, nature, sport and relaxation for all tastes.

Skiing in Presolana there are slopes for everyone

presolana ski slope

The ski resorts are located in Castione della Presolana, in Donico at the foot of the Presolana massif, between the Val Seriana and the Valle di Scalve. With just one ski pass you can access the Presolana and Monte Pora lifts,  30 km of slopes in total.

Presolana is perfect for those who love winter skiing but also for those wanting to enjoy other outdoor sports in a winter paradise. Here, you can do bobsleighing, downhill snow sports, archery, mountain biking and hiking. There is also a center that holds ski lessons for people with disabilities. There are 9 slopes making a total of 11 kilometers with a view that sweeps from Monte Pora to Lake Iseo.

4 steps to Castione della Presolana and the Valle dei Mulini


The town of Castione della Presolana, with its lively center full of shops, is the ideal base for going skiing and enjoying the nature of the Orobie Alps. The Palazzo del Comune overlooks the central square with an elegant arcade. A few steps away you’ll find the church of San Rocco decorated with ancient frescoes.

Don’t miss the main altar of the church of Sant’Alessandro Martire which also hosts Grazioso Fantoni organ and choir apparatus. Just outside the center, however, is the church of San Peder and, following the signs for Colle Forca, a picnic area with a view of the mountains. From there you can reach the Valle dei Mulini, a small canyon to be crossed by stone or wooden bridges.

A little bit of climbing to challenge yourself

climbing gym

Those who want to test their limits can try their hand at climbing. In Castione della Presolana there is a dedicated indoor gym, with an 11-meter wall and boulder room.

About 50 routes are available, some with overhangs and difficulties up to 8A. You can also rent the necessary equipment there.

The trek to the Serio waterfalls is one of the most beautiful

trekking among waterfalls

One of the most beautiful excursions in the Bergamo Alps is the trail that leads to the Serio waterfalls. Located in the territory of Valbondione in the upper Seriana Valley, the waterfalls are 315 meters high with 3 terraces.

According to the opening hours, it is possible to visit the falls only 5 times a year, during the period between June to October, this includes 4 Sundays and a Saturday with night opening.

On the pre-established days, the waterfall with the Barbellino dam open, will be at its maximum splendor.

The best way to reach them is to follow 332 trail which starts from the hamlet of Grumetti di Valbondione heading towards Borgo Maslana. You’ll pass some huts, cross the Piccinella bridge and finally reach the area of ​​the Grandi Macigni, the best observation point. The trail is medium difficulty and it takes roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Lunch in a malga means polenta, casoncelli ravioli and cheeses

polenta, cold cuts and cheese

The Via del Latte (milk road) in ancient times connected the mountain refuges (malga) where milk was produced and cheeses were processed. In some areas people still milk by hand.

Walk along the milk road to immerse yourself in the landscape and take the opportunity to stop for lunch. The Orobic cuisine is substantial and rich in flavors. Lunch won’t lack polenta and osei (game birds), casoncelli (ravioli) in broth and DOP cheeses such as Formai de Mut.


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Reach the Capanna 2000 refuge and enjoy the view

rifugio capanna 20000

The Capanna 2000 refuge is located on Pizzo Arera at 1969 meters above sea level. As long as you are a trained hiker, It can be reached in every season. This is because the 221 trail is taken by snowcats and snowshoers who constantly walk it.

You can also arrive from Valcanale in Val Seriana passing through Lake Branchino through trails 220 and 218, or from Roncobello in Val Brembana, leaving the car at the Mezzeno huts, following trail 219.

This panoramic location will leave you breathless: You can admire the Oltre il Colle basin and the top of Alben. Getting to the summit of Pizzo Arera at 2512 meters takes about an hour of walking. You’ll be rewarded with a 360 ° view of the Orobie Alps, up to Monte Rosa and the Apennines.

An afternoon in the thermal spa waters of San Pellegrino

thermal baths of san pellegrino

There is nothing better than a few hours of relaxation in thermal spa waters after a hike in the mountains or a morning on skis. The Terme di San Pellegrino  is the right place.

The thermal waters of this area have been known since the Middle Ages but the Liberty-style spa dates back to the early 1900s. Panoramic baths, saunas, Turkish baths, a salt and an ice room, whirlpools and waterfalls are available if you are looking for a sensory experience to deeply regenerate you. There is also a Kneipp path and sensory gardens as well as a rich catalog of treatments and massages.

A visit to Bergamo, the Italian Capital of Culture 2023

bergamo the italian capital of culture

You are a stone's throw from Bergamo: dedicating a couple of days to visiting the historic center of this lovely city, so close to the Bergamo Alps is a must.

Honored as the Italian Capital of Culture in 2023 together with Brescia, it is worth taking a tour to discover its historical and architectural beauties, concentrated in Bergamo Alta.

The jewel of the city is the Piazza Vecchia around which are the most important buildings such as the Civic Tower, the Palazzo del Podestà, the Colleoni Chapel and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

The Bergamo Alps hold the beauty and essence, typical tof northern Italian mountains, bold and uncontaminated. Discovering them is a combination of relaxation, nature, sport, culture and fun.

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