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Lombardy: 5 unforgettable lakes for a day of total relaxation

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Large pools of transparent water or small ponds framed by an idyllic, lush landscape: in Lombardy there is no sea, but many lakes. There is no shortage of opportunities to indulge in a nice trip outside the city, with your feet in the water and the sun's rays on your skin.

The most beautiful lakes to escape the hustle and bustle of the city

The most beautiful lakes to escape the hustle and bustle of the city

Visiting lakes in Lombardy has always been a popular activity, to escape the stress of the city and enjoy the grandeur of nature. Not only that, but lake tourism is increasingly appreciated and undertaken by the Dutch, Germans, French. Ideal for a rejuvenating mini-holiday, especially when temperatures are mild and living in the open air is a panacea.

Here are 5 lakes in Lombardy to note down in your diary for family or couples outings that are sure to revitalise you.

Lake Idro: peace and relaxation, brushed by a breath of wind

Lake Idro

Very close to Lake Garda and the popular tourist resorts of Sirmione, Salò and Desenzano, Lake Idro is the perfect destination for those who love trekking and angling, but also windsurfing, thanks to the constant presence of wind. On the other hand, lovers of romantic settings can enjoy dreamy views with a visit to the Rocca d'Anfo, a real treasure set on its banks.

A system of military forts, including barracks, gunpowder factories, military batteries and towers, all interconnected by paths and stairways, take the visitor on a journey through the main Italian historical events from the Venetian Republic to the present day.

Lake Sartirana, wildlife and trails to discover

Lake Sartirana

If you are looking for an idea to spend a different day together with the whole family, don't underestimate this tip. Lake Sartirana in Merate, in the heart of Brianza, between the Parco Adda Nord and the Parco di Montevecchia e Valle del Curone, is the classic place away from the crowds.

Those who love walking in the green, getting lost among picturesque paths or relaxing among ancient trees and hedges will not regret an outing here, which is also very suitable for children.

Pusiano and Annone Lakes: between cycle paths and rare fauna

Pusiano and Annone Lakes

These two small bodies of water meet when crossing the Lambro Valley Park, between the cities of Como and Lecco. Lake Pusiano, in particular, boasts a rare feature: the island of cypresses, which owes its name to the presence of around 130 cypresses, some of which are very old.

A private villa inhabited by peculiar wildlife, including squirrels, swans, mallards and kangaroos, can be found here. The island can be visited upon reservation and can be reached by boat departing from the Bosisio pier. For lovers of two-wheelers or long rides, you can go in search of various vantage points, following the cycle path along the shores of Lake Annone, with flat stretches along the lake shore and gentle climbs in the woods.

Lake Endine, for a romantic lakeside picnic

Lake Endine

Woodland, reeds, valleys and mountains: the idyllic landscape of this lake is perfect for a lakeside picnic with the family on its pretty little beaches. Located in the province of Bergamo, in the Val Cavallina, it is suitable for bathing. The surrounding hills offer trekking, hiking, paragliding, mountain biking and much more.

Lake Garlate and Lucia from The Betrothed

Lake Garlate and Lucia from The Betrothed

Known for the famous passage from The Betrothed, featuring Lucia and her "Farewell to the mountains", it is nestled between the Lecco branch of Lake Como and Lake Olginate. It features an important bicycle and pedestrian network, which guarantees the opportunity to complete a tour of the lake and discover the beautiful landscape and nature around it.

An unmissable treat? How about the Abegg Silk Museum, which displays discoveries, inventions and a rich collection of machinery that allows visitors to observe the main phases of silk production and processing.

Perfect for a Manzoni-style tour, it is quite popular for a Sunday day out.

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