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Madesimo amid snow and nature: the show lights up

Imagine the rosy colours of dawn illuminating the mountains of Madesimo, on the Swiss border at the northernmost tip of Italy.

21 July 2022

2 minutes

 We are in the Spluga Valley in a ski resort in the province of Sondrio that lies between 1150 and 2880 metres above sea level. But Madesimo is a perfect destination in every season. In fact, if the ski slopes are fun in winter, the hiking trails are a real boon for walkers, or bike riders, during the warm season.

An overview

Seen from above, Madesimo looks like a nativity village with many alpine-style huts, delightful little houses and a ski area, part of the Valchiavenna Ski Area, suitable for all levels.
The less energetic in search of a quiet experience can plan a walk in the forest with the use of snowshoes, hiking through the snowpack on paths leading to romantic Alpine lakes or mountain huts.

Those who dream of adventure and excitement will enjoy 40 kilometres of downhill ski slopes and 12 kilometres of cross-country ski trails. There are a further 60 kilometres of alpine skiing slopes in Val di Lei and the Canalone slope. The latter joins Pizzo Groppera to Pian dei Larici and has an altitude difference of about 1,000 metres for a 3-kilometre descent. Always ask the staff before you do this, it is a challenging track that requires a bit of caution.

Thrills guaranteed

There are several Nordic skiing circuits in Madesimo , but many also want to try snowmobiling and snowkiting. Not sure what it is? It is a winter sport that allows its participants to use traction kites to be towed over snowy surfaces. Both skis and snowboards are used.  

Snowboarding, skating and night skiing

Passionate about snowboarding? There is also something for you. In the Aquarela area there is the Madepark, Madesimo's snow park at an altitude of 1,800 metres. It offers facilities for all levels, in particular for beginners who are offered individual services.

Night skiing is possible on Saturdays and Wednesdays, with the opening of the Larici gondola and the possibility, on arrival, of dining in the Larici refuge. On nights when there is a full moon, you can try snowshoeing at dusk with mountain guides, to scenic destinations such as the Andossi ridge, the enchanted plain of Montespluga and Motta.

For those who do not want to use the ski lifts, the ice rink may be the solution.  

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