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Relax and wellness

10 detox body treatments to enjoy before your holiday

One of the pleasures of summer is undoubtedly uncovering your body and letting your skin breathe in the sunlight.

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Physical activity, a balanced diet, mental wellbeing and a few pampering treatments to soothe your skin and your mind are the right mantra for enjoying the warm season to the fullest. Indeed, specific detox treatments, carried out in exceptional wellness centres in the country's most beautiful locations, are ideal for reaching holiday season in peak condition.

There are numerous truly exclusive Spas in Italy, combining beauty with knowledge, allowing you to purify your body and consequently your mind by offering packages and courses designed for all needs.
Here is a selection of truly unmissable detox body treatments you can book now: the icing on the cake of regenerating wellness holidays in Italy

A guide to the best pre-holiday detox treatments for total rejuvenation

Olive therapy at Masseria Torre Coccaro


In the splendid setting of this Apulian farm in Savelletri di Fasano, you can experience a truly unique detox treatment as it makes all-round use of the properties of the olive tree. In particular, to purify the skin, a scrub is first carried out, using olive pomace oil and chopped olive leaves, and left to work in the caldarium. This is followed by a sculpting massage using olive paste and restructuring ingredients.

“Vinea mea” treatment at the Relais San Maurizio

vinea mea

The Relais San Maurizio is located in an ancient monastery dating back to the 17th century. It's the perfect place to regenerate and rest in absolute peace and tranquillity.

We are in the Langhe, so of course wine could only be used as a super antioxidant and detoxifying treatment, combined with grape extracts to create a wrap that promotes cell turnover, draining the skin and leaving it extremely velvety.

The new Alpine mud ritual at Adler Resort

fanghi alpini

If what you need to reconnect with yourself is to remove impurities from your body and spirit, you should book a stay at the Adler Lodge Ritten in South Tyrol, surrounded by nature.
Here the treatments are true rituals, including the brand new detox treatment with alpine mud, which purifies and regenerates the skin. Then perhaps treat yourself to a Tyrolean hay bath to release tension.

Detox your face and body with clay at the Relais Sant'Uffizio


Aquanatura Wellness & SPA at the Relais Sant'Uffizio is a temple of wellness in the heart of Monferrato. Among the many treatments on offer, the most interesting of the Prestige ones is certainly the detox treatment based on seasonal products. It starts with a body scrub with clay and herbs of the season to smooth the skin. Next comes a tailor-made massage with butters and oils to nourish the skin. The added benefit is that the face is then also treated with a massage and a special mask. Total purification.

Orange Blossom Couple's Path at the Agriturismo Vultaggio

fiori arancio percorso

We journey to beautiful Sicily, in the province of Trapani, to the Agriturismo Vultaggio, where you can pamper yourself in an authentic way.

Try the orange blossom couples' treatment: a warm scented scrub, a relaxing massage and an hour-long spa session, for a complete detox.

Regain lightness and beauty for your legs at the Terme di Sirmione

terme di sirmione

We know how swollen legs can be in summer, suffering from water retention. The poetic places of Catullus are home to some of the most famous spas in Italy, and here the specific detox treatment for the lower limbs is a real panacea, based on warm-cold thermal mud, enriched with essential oils of lavender, helichrysum, jojoba and cypress that help restore lightness.

Reshaping the body with mud from the thermal baths of Saturnia

detox social

The thermal baths of Saturnia are a magical place situated in beautiful Tuscany.
Here, the mud baths are known for their detoxifying properties and are used for various types of treatments. For example, for a draining wrap with sweet almond oil followed by a massage to help eliminate toxins, skin thickening and excess fluid. 

A day at the Albereta spa for a detox that is also social

impacchi naturali

This is not a simple treatment, but an entire day immersed in the beauty of Franciacorta to get away from it all: this is a true detox at the Albereta spa, with two types of packages, both including various treatments all aimed at purifying and detoxifying, which include access to the wellness path and lunch with a light, gourmet menu. 

Natural wraps at the Santa Rosa Monastery

sale trattamenti

The 17th-century Santa Rosa Monastery is now one of the most beautiful places from which to enjoy the Amalfi Coast and its extraordinary landscape. Here the prestigious spa will take care of you from head to toe, including hair, hands and feet. One of the most interesting treatments is the brown seaweed and sweet fennel wrap, which not only removes toxins but also revitalises the metabolism, helping the skin and body to detoxify and regenerate.

Wellness with the taste of salt at Borgobrufa

fanghi detox

Borgobrufa is the largest spa in Umbria with a wellness area of 3000 square metres.

This is a fascinating place with a view of the beauty of natural surroundings in Central Italy, where you can try the Sapore di Sale (Taste of Salt) treatment: Dead Sea salts are used to create a super exfoliating and draining wrap that totally rids the body of toxins, oxygenating the tissues and reactivating microcirculation. You will feel like a new person.

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