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Oriolo Romano


Oriolo Romano was born as an 'ideal village': built ex novo on a depopulated territory, it has a modern urban planning that still allows these ideals of order and precision to emerge. The heart of the town is the Palazzo Altieri, an ancient fortress that, with its moat and ramparts, recounts of his first defensive function. Definitely worth visiting here is the garden with its centuries-old trees and, also housed in the palace, the Polo Museale del Lazio, which contains important paintings, neoclassical stuccos and furnishings and splendid frescoes. Around the village, then, stretches the Lazio countryside and the eye is lost in the soft heights of the Sabatini Mountains. Woods of centuries-old beech, turkey oak and chestnut trees embellish the landscape and, a few kilometres away, Lake Bracciano, an enchanting nature reserve, shines.

Oriolo Romano

01010 Oriolo Romano VT, Italia

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