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Relaxation, fun and nightlife

2 days in the Riviera Romagnola: 24/7 fun

road route
48 hours
Best Period
June, September

When thinking about summer, and a holiday of sea, relaxation and fun, the Riviera Romagnola immediately springs to mind. Expansive golden beaches, a dreamy sea, all kinds of activities so you will never get bored and, above all, the best summer nightlife Italy has to offer.

The Riviera Romagnola stretches over 91 kilometres from the province of Ravenna to Rimini and is home to many small, charming towns and seaside resorts steeped in history. From the shores of Ravenna to those of Cervia, passing through the iconic beaches of Rimini and Riccione, for over a century, tourists have chosen these places for unforgettable holidays year after year.

Once you discover and explore the Riviera, you can't help but want to return! So, how about spending 48 hours discovering three of the most renowned and picturesque towns on the Upper Adriatic coast? Day or night, there won't be a dull moment, we promise! Lots of adventures await you, with greenery stretching as far as the eye can see, beaches and sea that will captivate you at first sight, and music that will punctuate every second of your itinerary. Ready to go?

Riviera 48 hours - night & day / Cervia

For these first 24 hours on the Riviera Romagnola, we’re starting with the unspoilt nature between the coast of Milano Marittima and the Salina di Cervia Nature Reserve: the Pineta di Cervia protected area. Why keep your feet on the ground when you can walk among the trees of the thousand-year-old pine forest along suspension bridges, footbridges and ropes? CerviAventura allows you to do just that.

The adventure park is nestled in the pine forest and can be reached on foot from both the town centre and Milano Marittima. It is the ideal place to spend a few hours in nature, trying your hand at the various routes available for adults and children, enjoying a picnic and getting to know the animals that live on the educational farm.

After an adventurous morning, it’s time to discover why Cervia is known as the city of salt. Just 3 kilometres from CerviAvventura you will arrive at the entrance to the Cervia Salt Pan, a nature reserve covering 827 hectares and the southernmost point of the Po Delta Park.

At the Visitor Centre, you can choose how you want to explore the salt mine. You can hike on foot or explore by bicycle or electric train, accompanied by park guides. If you want to admire this fascinating place from a unique vantage point, we recommend travelling by canoe or taking the electric boat tour. Make sure to take your binoculars so you can spot the over 100 species of birds that live in this paradise, including herons, black-winged stilts and pink flamingos.

This first stage ends with an evening in Milano Marittima, enjoying its renowned clubs and year-round outdoor events. How about an aperitif on the beach before diving into the Romagna nightlife?

Riviera 48 hours - night & day / Rimini

For the second day of this itinerary, it is time to discover two more icons of the Romagna Riviera, Rimini and Riccione. Let’s start with the birthplace of Italian film director Federico Fellini. From Milano Marittima, you can reach Rimini by taking the Adriatic Highway south to Marina Centro, the beating heart of Romagna's entertainment capital.

We recommend a morning exploring the sites where Fellini filmed Amarcord, starting with Borgo San Giuliano, near the ancient Tiberius Bridge. After crossing the Ponte dei Mille, you can stroll through the streets and admire the Fontana della Pigna and the Malatesta Temple. After admiring the large skyscraper, head towards the sea to visit the famous Grand Hotel dear to Fellini’s heart, set in a green park named after the director.

Then it’s time to indulge in a few hours of relaxation on the beach or be pampered at Riminiterme, a state-of-the-art wellness centre where thermal baths and seawater are used for cures and treatments. Or if you want to have fun among wave pools, slides and rafts, head straight for the third stage!

Riviera 48 hours - night & day / Riccione and Aquafan

In less than 15 minutes by car from the centre of Rimini, you will reach Aquafan, the large water park in the hills of Riccione. A water-filled afternoon awaits, among large pools, more than 3 kilometres of slides suitable for all ages, from the most relaxing to the high-adrenaline ones, and entertainment at all hours.

You can stay here until dinner time, when the park is about to close its doors, and then immerse yourself in the Riccione nightlife. After an unmissable stroll along Viale Ceccarini and a dinner in one of the many seafront restaurants, you don’t have to go to Cocoricò or Pascià, the two most famous discos in Riccione, to find great music - you can simply walk along the beach to experience the authentic Riviera Romagnola nightlife.

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