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Emilia Romagna

3 days in Romagna in search of the quintessence of well-being

3 days
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Slowing the pace and adapting to a slower life as you travel through the serene valleys of Emilia Romagna where nature, food and culture offer unforgettable experiences: this is how to enjoy the calm away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life immersed in the beauty of a region full of surprises.
If you then add the spa experiences that benefit the body, while nature and beauty take care of the mind, you have an all-round wellness experience, ideal for returning home totally rejuvenated.

This itinerary in the heart of Romagna will delight you with verdant nature to walk along hiking trails while filling your eyes with wonder. It also offers insights into culture, passing through places mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy, and the opportunity to relax between a thermal bath and a wellness treatment, restoring a deep connection with yourself. Between one experience and another, there will always be room for culinary adventures with local products, which abound in Romagna.

Here is a wellness-themed route in a corner of the region where the fairytale landscape is the main feature. A 3-day itinerary suitable for everyone, to enjoy all year round, although the ideal time is early autumn.

First stage: Bagno di Romagna

The starting point of the itinerary is Bagno di Romagna, a village surrounded by beautiful nature, endowed with thermal waters already appreciated centuries ago by the Romans. It was they who built the first baths here, christening the place Balneum, hence today's Bagno.
The remains of the ancient baths are still visible.

After the pleasure of bathing in thermal waters, it is time to enjoy the pleasures of the table. The people of Romagna are masters of the culinary art and will delight you with local specialities that should not be missed. Even better if spiced with stories of fairies and gnomes that inhabit the woods around the village. There is no inhabitant of the village who does not whisper that he has personally seen at least one.

Take the special gnome-themed trail, ideal for entertaining children. Or anyone who, despite having grown up, won’t go without a touch of fantasy.

Second stage: the Ridracoli Dam and Santa Sofia

The village of Santa Sofia is located in the Casentino Forests National Park and is the ideal starting point to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of the surroundings, from the Campigna forest to the Ridracoli Dam with its artificial reservoir.

Santa Sofia is also part of the Cittaslow circuit so don't miss out on a meal stop. Order the speciality of the upper Bidente Valley, the stuffed tortello alla lastra, which is celebrated every year with a dedicated festival. The name comes from the preparation of the tortello that was once made on sandstone.

After lunch, treat yourself to a paddle in a canoe or a trip on the electric boat. Or, if you prefer dry land to water, hire an ebike with guide to enjoy a ride along the forest track around the reservoir. You arrive at the Lama forest along a loop trail surrounding the lake.
Hiking is also possible, discovering the trails that run through the entire National Park.

Stage three: Campigna forest and Capo d'Arno

The forest of Campigna offers other paths to follow, discovering its most hidden recesses. Dedicate an entire day to a hike in the forest, choosing from trails suitable for all, including some ancient mule tracks that climb along ridges offering breathtaking views. They are available all year.

The most beautiful is the one that leads from the Capanna to Monte Falterona to Capo d'Arno. Along the way, you reach the Lago degli Idoli, an Etruscan archaeological site.
Capo d'Arno, the point of arrival, is also the place from which the Arno river flows. There is a plaque here with verses from the 16th canto of Dante's Purgatory, in which the poet recalls a place he used to pass through on his way to Romagna.

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