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Punta Marina


At Punta Marina Terme amidst thermal baths, sports in the pine forest and an inclusive beach

Punta Marina Terme is located a stone's throw from Marina di Ravenna, of which it is considered an alternative destination as well as a well-known thermal centre right on the sea. Here you will find a golden beach popular with families and sports enthusiasts, accommodation for all tastes, and thermal baths in which to pamper yourself. And it is also an inclusive place.


A stone's throw from Ravenna

Ravenna is only 11 km away and can be reached by car or by the handy public transport departing from the railway station of the ancient Byzantine city famed for its mosaics.

If you prefer to travel in a more eco-friendly manner and use your bicycle, there is a convenient cycle path connecting the historic centre and the beach.


Sport amidst the pine forest and the sea

The pine forest bordering the beach is part of the Po Delta Park, which shapes the landscape of the entire area and makes it possible to combine a seaside holiday with numerous outdoor activities in the woods.

The pine forest is criss-crossed by numerous paths trodden all year round by those who love walking but also by runners. A walk here is an immersion in nature, filling your eyes with beauty and your lungs with pure air that smells of pine and sea.

The sports facilities at Punta Marina Terme are very rich, as is the entertainment, thanks to the beach volleyball and beach tennis options. And kite surfing enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy and wind for their sails.


The Punta Marina Thermal Spa

One of Punta Marina's greatest attractions, however, is its thermal baths, which overlook the sea.

The spa offers treatments for those suffering from rheumatic or respiratory problems, and wellness trails, direct access to the beach and many other services designed for guests staying there.


Everyone to the seaside - everyone!

Punta Marina Terme is home to one of Italy's bathing establishments - there are currently three in all - that can accommodate people with mobility problems, allowing them to bathe safely. An added value that makes the resort inclusive is the motto "Tutti al mare, nessuno escluso" (Everyone to the seaside, no one is excluded), which is also the name of the establishment with special access facilities. The beach is also equipped for people with disabilities.


The slow life of Punta Marina

Days spent in Punta Marina invite you to adopt a slower pace of life devoted to well-being.

From sunrise observed from a boardwalk over the sea, to a sunset stroll in the pine forest or an excursion into history in search of the military bunkers left to dot the area after World War I and II, there is something for everyone.

Don't return home without indulging in a shopping spree, an aperitif at the bar to enjoy until dinnertime, and perhaps a live music concert at a local venue.

Punta Marina

48122 Punta Marina RA, Italia

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