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Emilia Romagna

Mirabilandia: Italy's first amusement park in Emilia Romagna

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Whether you’re a parent or a child is insignificant: once you pass the gates of an amusement park, the differences in age disappear and the fun begins. If you’ve ever been to Mirabilandia, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re planning to go there for the first time, you’ll soon find out.

With guaranteed fun distractions and rides to get your adrenaline pumping, Mirabilandia is located 10 km from Ravenna in the direction of Rimini, with attractions and themed areas spread over no less than 850,000 square metres capable of satisfying everyone, from 0 - 99.

Adventure or relaxation: the choice is yours

Adventure or relaxation: the choice is yours

Mirabilandia first opened its doors in 1992.

Parco di Savio is split between an area with rides for the more daring and an aquatic area. In the first part you can choose between different eras and themes: from the prehistoric age to the Wild West, from the American dream to motorbikes. The second part is instead a jubilation of artificial beaches, swimming pools and water slides that delight everyone, especially in nice weather.

The entire amusement park was developed around three small lakes, a central lake and two secondary ones where various species of migratory birds nest. Located near Pineta di Classe, a protected natural area in the Po Delta Regional Park, the landscape of Mirabilandia will also entice you to stay more than one day. Whether on foot or by bike, the surrounding area is full of paths laden with ponds, palm trees, pines, oaks and flowering meadows, populated by Canadian geese and various species of migratory birds.

Six themed areas, 40 attractions

Six themed areas, 40 attractions

Italy's largest amusement park is home to attractions that let you test your limits to reach an absolute record, with tons of fun for families and children: six themed areas, about 40 attractions, a varied range of shows as well as restaurants, bars and shops. In short, you can spend one or more days inside and among its paths without ever getting bored.

Mirabilandia's history is different from other amusement parks, because the original idea was to create a space that would appeal mainly to young people and revive the iconic image of the Romagna Riviera and its summer attractions. New road infrastructure was even built for this mega-project, but it was not easy for the park to reach the expected turnover at first.

With the opening of the aquatic area in 2003, Mirabiliandia added a twist to its offer, officially becoming the destination of choice for young people on holiday on the Romagna Riviera. 

Fun facts and tales

Fun facts and tales

If, on the other hand, you’re already an expert on the park, here’s some extra fun for you. Did you know that in the past it granted the use of its brand and mascots to a Brazilian amusement park called Mirabilandia Pernambuco? Mind you, this is not a branch of the Italian park.

And in 2018, a collaboration was inaugurated that delighted all motorbike fans. Indeed, Mirabilandia created Ducati World with attractions and simulators, which can now be enjoyed free of charge. 

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