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Marina di Ravenna


Nestled between beach and pine forest, Marina di Ravenna is a true jewel of the Riviera Romagnola

Some people prefer the pine forest behind the dunes – ideal for early morning jogs and afternoon naps – while others prefer the shore with its miles and miles of well-equipped beaches. Some choose it for its trendy clubs and others for its proximity to Ravenna, city of mosaics and much more. Whatever your reasons for choosing Marina di Ravenna, you’re sure to be satisfied.
Here, greenery, hospitality and expert-level fun are the rule, with something for everyone. 

The secret to this appeal lies in the two sides to Marina di Ravenna: during the day, the beach fills up with loungers, deckchairs and colourful umbrellas, while in the evening it becomes a large open-air disco with concerts, music evenings and free events to suit all tastes.


Guaranteed relaxation in Marina di Ravenna

Marina di Ravenna beach is a succession of bathing establishments equipped with all the necessary comforts and hotels that will plan your holiday so you can enjoy every moment worry-free.

After indulging in a few hours of relaxation on the beach, you can stroll along the boulevards to the rhythm of music and entertainment, discovering markets, quaint bars and restaurants with meat and fish specialities. 

Your day could start with a walk along the Molo Zaccagnini: 2.5 km of wooden walkways through the dunes, built with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment, that make you feel like you’re walking on water while enjoying the morning breeze.
The construction of the breakwater, together with that of Porto Corsini, has helped make the pleasure port at Marina di Ravenna – known as Marinara – one of the most important in the upper Adriatic and a favourite with sailors who can access it even in bad weather.


Sailing and more
There’s no shortage of things to do during your stay in Marina di Ravenna. If you love water sports, you can find several sailing schools, and kitesurfing, paddle boarding and canoeing courses.

On the beach, an array of areas for beach volleyball, basketball, beach football and beach tennis (known locally as “racchettoni” and considered the “national sport” of Ravenna) awaits you.

Sea and diving enthusiasts cannot avoid a visit to the MAS Museo Nazionale delle Attività Subacquee (National Museum of Underwater Activities) in the city centre. Inside, you can trace the history of underwater activities, from its beginnings to the present day, in an experience unique in Italy.


And the discos?

The disco Marina di Ravenna is a real institution. You can’t truly say you’ve visited the town without stopping at one of the many nightclubs that have made the name and reputation of the Riviera Romagnola so great.

The aperitivo hour marks the beginning of the nightlife: dancing on the sand between the pine forest and sea is a must, thanks to the numerous bars and clubs located on the beach, as well as the bathing establishments, which illuminate the promenade with lights and colours.

During the summer, the nightlife is mainly concentrated in the discos of Marina di Ravenna, which are all located on the beach, while in winter, the streets of the city centre get crowded at weekends around the main clubs and discos.


Good times and good food

You can find plenty of places to try the local flatbreads known as piadina and crescione, but among the many specialities you can enjoy in Marina di Ravenna, we’d particularly recommend: the Cozza Selvaggia di Marina. This Adriatic delicacy of wild mussels can be found a few miles off the Romagna coast. There is a big party every year at the start of the summer to celebrate this exquisite local treat. Worth a visit, definitely.

Marina di Ravenna

48122 Marina di Ravenna RA, Italia

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