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Relax and wellness

5 ways to experience the warmth of Abano and Montegrotto Spa in winter

A mix of wellness, nature, romantic atmospheres and delights to warm the body and spirit.

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- 21 February 2023

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At the thermal baths of Abano and Montegrotto, the cold season is the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy the experiences offered by the area. Here you can be pampered by the warm embrace of the thermal waters, enjoy the marvellous autumn and winter landscapes of the Euganean Hills, soak up the magical atmospheres of the cities decked out in festive garb, and delight your palate with traditional products and typical cuisine.

By the pool, enveloped in the steam of thermal water

By the pool, enveloped in the steam of thermal water

If, when winter arrives, you feel a pressing need to slow down, take a relaxing break and pamper yourself in the warmth, the ideal solution is a holiday at the Thermae Abano Montegrotto. This ancient spa resort, in the Veneto region, has been known and appreciated since the time of the Ancient Romans.

The first thing to do once you arrive at the hotel is take a dip in the pool. You'll find yourself relaxing by soaking in the steady warmth of the salty-bromine-iodine water, which has a miraculous effect on the body. The uniqueness of the Thermae Abano Montegrotto lies in the fact that the water flows from the hotel springs at a much higher temperature, around 80°C, and is then cooled to an ideal temperature of 30-35°C. 

The indoor pools are connected to the outdoor ones by practical passageways, allowing you to step outside even in colder weather. The most wonderful experience is to enjoy sunset and twilight from the pool, perhaps in the rain or snow, enveloped and protected in your cloud of steam. It’s really something to experience!

Restorative and scenic walks in the Euganean Hills Park

 Restorative and scenic walks in the Euganean Hills Park

The Euganean Hills Natural Park offers a number of routes and viewpoints, which in the cold season gain even more charm.

Autumn in the Euganean Hills displays an infinity of warm tones that transform the scrub of the southern hills into a spectacle of colours: foliage will be the perfect backdrop for your most evocative shots. Those who prefer a more mountainous environment, on the other hand, can stroll among the tall chestnut trees of the northern hills, on a soft carpet of multi-coloured leaves. 

Nature in the Euganea region also has some romantic spots when the mist descends on the plains and the countryside at the foot of the hills. When the temperature at high altitudes becomes higher than below, the phenomenon of thermal inversion occurs: from the highest vantage points, the landscape will appear immersed in a sea of floating clouds from which only the peaks will emerge, resembling islands in the sea. Despite the rather mild climate, snowfall is not uncommon, especially in the early months of the year. A nice invigorating walk in the snow will give you the chance to admire a fairy-tale landscape and, with a touch of luck, even catch a glimpse of some wild animals.

Euganean mud: warm, enveloping and prodigious

 Euganean mud: warm, enveloping and prodigious

Among the treatments you can enjoy in the Euganean paradise of wellness, the most popular are undoubtedly those that use thermal mud, one of the distinctive elements of the Abano Montegrotto Spa and among the most renowned in the world. 

This particular mud is actually a patented product, beyond compare and with surprisingly beneficial effects on the human organism. Euganean mud is a true natural medicine with unique properties! 

In the thermal centres of the Abano and Montegrotto hotels, the mud, extracted from the nearby Lispida and Costa lakes, is matured and enriched with cyanobacteria and microalgae from the thermal waters. This mud has been proven to stimulate the production of endorphins, neurotransmitters that help us to reduce stress and to experience a general feeling of euphoria and well-being. In addition, the detoxifying, remineralising and anti-inflammatory action of the mud relieves pain in the bones, joints and cartilage and will help you regain well-being and tone for your upcoming adventures!

Shopping at the Thermal Spa at the most magical time of the year

 Shopping at the Thermal Spa at the most magical time of the year

Strolling through the streets of the pedestrianised area in Abano or along the Viale delle Terme in Montegrotto, you will feel as though you are on holiday all year round. There are plenty of opportunities for fun and, above all, lots of shopping! 

If you never return empty-handed from your trips and are looking for a special souvenir, or want to treat yourself to a gift, the two spa towns will not leave you disappointed. 

In the centres of the Euganean Spas, you can wander among the shoe shops and boutiques, perfumeries and jeweller's shops. There is no shortage of surprises for the palate, in the many food shops where you can discover local delicacies. 

And this already inviting scenario will acquire an extra touch of magic if you spend the Christmas season here, when illuminations decorate the city and shop windows display spectacular decorations... strolling through the city centre, you can stop for a glass of wine in an enoteca, enjoy a hot chocolate in an elegant patisserie, soak up the festive atmosphere at the Christmas markets in Abano and Montegrotto Terme and watch original events and shows.


Tradition and typical products of the Euganean Hills: the winter of taste at the Spa

 Tradition and typical products of the Euganean Hills: the winter of taste at the Spa

A nearby destination not to be missed for those staying at the spa is the village of Arquà Petrarca.

The narrow streets of the village are lined with wine bars and restaurants, often housed in historic buildings; here the range of dishes and wines is very extensive, especially in the winter season, thanks to the enormous variety of typical products and traditional Veneto dishes, which fit perfectly into the context of the village.

Not only in Arquà, but in the entire Euganean Hills area, you can sample local delicacies in an unparalleled immersion into taste! 

Let's start with aperitifs: always choose the 'spunciotti', the classic Veneto snacks, made with zero-kilometre products, such as Veneto Berico Euganeo PDO ham, and accompany them with a glass of wine, or try the 'Godì' and the 'Spritz euganeo', new must-haves of the Euganean aperitif, which use only locally produced wines and liqueurs. 

For first courses, the most popular are 'bigoli al torcio', a typical Veneto pasta usually served with a game ragout, and second courses typical of the Christmas season, such as 'Gran Bollito', goose 'in onto' and braised duck breast, to be washed down with the excellent Bordeaux wines produced on the slopes of the volcanic Euganean hills. 

To end on a sweet note, you must try the 'Zaèti' biscuits and liqueurs from the Luxardo di Torreglia company or the Brodo di Giuggiole di Arquà Petrarca, to be sipped with desserts or after coffee. And for a toast you cannot miss the Fior d'Arancio D.O.C.G, a yellow Muscat that you can find in the still, passita or sparkling versions; 'silky' and intense, you will find it perfectly in line with the romantic mood of your holiday.

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