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Arquà Petrarca


Arquà Petrarca is known as "the pearl of the Euganean Hills": this elegant village with its ancient appearance has managed to maintain intact over time the charm and tranquillity that once captivated the poet Francesco Petrarca, after whom the town is named.

His remains can still be found in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Not to be missed are the Palazzo Contarini, in Venetian Gothic style; the Oratorio SS Trinità, a church dear to Petrarch, and the various villas that embellish the streets of the centre, including Villa Alessi, now a venue for events and concerts; Casa Strozzi, now an art gallery; Villa Rova, a typical example of a 15th-century Venetian villa; and Villa Centanin, which houses a permanent exhibition of antique pianos and is the venue for concerts, including a classical music festival.

Finally, not to be missed is the House of Petrarch, an emotional and poetic place.

Ordina per
Arquà Petrarca

35032 Arquà Petrarca PD, Italia

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