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Arquà Petrarca


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As the name suggests, Arquà Petrarca, in the beautiful setting of the Euganean Hills, is linked to the figure of Francesco Petrarca, who spent the last years of his life in this town.

In the historic centre, where the medieval layout is preserved intact, you can visit the poet's home, which has retained its fourteenth-century appearance quite faithfully, with a two-arch loggia added in 1546. Inside there are some interesting relics and the walls are frescoed with partly original and partly later works, the latter dedicated to the works of Petrarch. Today, it is also home to a museum and a photographic exhibition dedicated to his life, his work, the village and the surrounding area.
In the square that bears his name, on the parvis of parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, there is also his tomb, an ark in red Verona marble inspired by ancient Roman sarcophagi.

A visit to the town cannot be complete without trying some of the typical products of the region, in particular the wines (from the Rosso dei Colli Euganei to the sweet wines from Moscato grapes) and the jujube, perfect for jams, desserts, liqueurs and with medicinal properties.

Arquà Petrarca

35032 Arquà Petrarca PD, Italia

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