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MUSE - Museo delle Scienze


The museum for all, a celebration of innovation and sustainability

The MUSE - Museo delle Scienze is a must-see in the city of Trento. This bright building, designed by Renzo Piano, stands in the district “Le Albere” and covers an area of 19,000 square metres over six floors. It is worth visiting to admire its innovative shape, mirroring the profile of the Dolomites. The mountain landscape is the metaphor used to retell the story of Alpine biodiversity, the history of the first human settlements, the world’s origins, through the largest exhibition of dinosaurs and the relationship between man and nature. 

Younger visitors from 0 to 5 years can enjoy an entirely dedicated space: the Maxi Ooh! surrounded by interactive and multimedia workshops and installations, as well as the “FabLab”, a digital factory space.

Alongside the permanent exhibition, there are temporary exhibitions, projects and events, which vary from season to season and investigate major themes, both local and planetary, aimed at building a better future.

Don’t miss the route through the tropical greenhouse, to breathe in the climate of an unspoilt corner of Tanzania, complete with a roaring waterfall.

MUSE - Museo delle Scienze

Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 3, 38122 Trento TN, Italia

Call +390461270311 Website

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