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In Trentino, climbing with a view of Lake Nembia

Climb the Nembia Lake cliff surrounded by the majestic landscape of the Brenta Dolomites

18 July 2022

3 minutes

Trentino offers climbers an enchanted slice of nature between the crystal blue of the lake waters and the vivid green of the protected oases and forests. You climb in silence, breathing in the healthy air. The scenery embracing the cliff offers the whole family moments of regenerative relaxation.

From spring to autumn, every moment is good

The Falesia del Lago di Nembia is located at an altitude of 838 metres, on the shores of the lake that gives it its name. It climbs up vertical or slightly overhanging slabs on compact grey limestone rock. On 20 metres there are 10 climbing routes, of 6b to 7c difficulty, which lead you to the summit. Since the wall faces east, tackling it in autumn and spring, or on summer afternoons is recommended.

WWF oasis and fishing reserve

Lake Nembia is a WWF oasis, one of the little jewels that dot the Dolomite landscape of Trentino. We are on the Paganella Plateau, in a spectacular view of the Brenta Dolomites, on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The lake lies within the Adamello-Brenta Park. If your destination is the climb up the cliff, don't miss the lakeside walk, on a flat path suitable for anyone. Lake Nembo is also a popular fishing reserve, with paid access and no-kill mode: you will be amazed at the myriad of rainbow trout, brown trout and char. The lake microclimate allows fishing all months of the year: the waters never freeze over. Necessary equipment can be hired on site.

A leap into the ancient village

A short distance from the Nembia Lake cliff is San Lorenzo Dorsino, which includes the two hamlets of San Lorenzo in Banale and Dorsino. We are located right at the entrance to the Val d'Ambiez, at one of the gateways to the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. Stone dominates in this agrarian village, the building material par excellence of the old farmhouses with their wash houses, connected by porticoes and crowned by verdant meadows. Walk leisurely and enjoy the calm atmosphere of yesteryear. In addition to its scenic location, it is famous for its culinary specialities, the result of skilled peasant craftsmanship. This is ciuìga, a cured meat with an unusual pungent taste made from pork and white turnips from Trentino. It is a Slow Food Presidium and is celebrated here in autumn with a food and wine festival.

Playground and climbing path for little ones

Invite the children to read the 14 illustrative panels with you on the loop trail around Lake Nembia, full of curiosities and details about the area's natural heritage. Then lead them by the hand along the various Little Walkers' Trails, where you will encounter the 3 Little Pigs' House and other fairytale-inspired displays, wooden walkways suspended over the lake from which you can admire fish, amphibians and insects, cobbled lanes leading to villages, interesting logs and rocks – an all-natural playground.

In addition to the Nembia Lake crag, in the same municipality of San Lorenzo Dorsino, a wall is designed for the youngest. It is located in the Scoiattoli Park and under the supervision of a guide even children can experience the thrill of the climb, with harness, ropes and carabiners.

A picnic under the larches

Bring with you what you need for a picnic. The right place is the larch grove in the Scoiattoli park, equipped with benches and tables. Perhaps nature's inhabitants will also peep out while you enjoy a sandwich: curious squirrels, very quick in their movements.

For lunch, choose a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the lake. To the pleasure of a polenta accompanied by a juicy stew is added that of the panorama, between the green of the vegetation and the blue of the water.

Make a stop at one of the agritourism farms around Lake Nembia. Favour traditional ones, made of rustic stone and fragrant wood. Children will enjoy watching the farm animals and the menu will be enjoyed by all, parents and children alike. Enjoy locally produced cold meats, cheeses and vegetables in the open air. Strudel and homemade jam desserts are a great way to end the meal, accompanied by elderberry juice.


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