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Relax and wellness

Trentino: 7 ideas between nature and well-being

03 October 2022

2 minutes

From the Japanese "Shinrin-yoku", meaning "forest bathing", the Barefoot trail to Ayurveda rituals and much more. In Trentino, nature reigns supreme and indulging in an all-round immersion is the best you can give yourself.

A very effective way of regaining lost well-being and unplugging from the daily grind, the only choice you have to make is to select the option that comes closest to your tastes and needs. 

Here are 7 ideas between nature and wellness, all in the open air, with the scent of the mountains.

Pinè Plateau: wellness from bees

The first suggestion is a multi-sensory itinerary in the setting of the Pinè Plateau and, more specifically, in the world of bees.

It is called Bio Beewellness and consists of lying on a bed of alpine hay, breathing in the scents of the beehive, from honey to propolis.

Balsamic resins and essential oils will intoxicate your sense of smell and taste buds. Yes, you can drink mountain herb infusions sweetened by these very aromas. All accompanied by apisound, the buzzing of bees with a frequency similar to the sounds of nature. Relaxation is assured.

Val di Sole: the Bushcraft method

The forest in Val di Sole is rugged and wild, so it is the ideal place to learn to fend for yourself. This method is called Bushcraft and teaches how to survive by overcoming difficulties.

Lighting a fire, building a shelter, making wooden tools are fascinating challenges for risk-takers. Little is needed to venture into this experience: hiking boots and appropriate clothing. You will rediscover your original connection with nature. All you have to do is try!

Paganella Dolomites: bathing in the forest

Known as Shinrin-yoku or as Forest Bathing, bathing in the forest is among the most immersive experiences. The landscape that best lends itself to this offer is that of the Paganella Dolomites. Here you can take a therapeutic walk through the dense beech forest of the FAI Respiro Park, filling your nostrils and lungs with its fragrant aromas and being overwhelmed by an atmosphere of absolute serenity.

Martino di Castrozza: the Barefoot trail

Have you ever thought of walking a path barefoot? It is one of the many ways to get in close contact with the territory you are passing through. This is known as Barefoot trail.

The Martino di Castrozza trails are the first in Italy to have joined the Barefoot Academy's "Silence of the Steps" project, with three unique routes.

Madonna di Campiglio: a natural spa

Water, wind, air, sun, forest. These are the main elements behind Dolomiti Natural Wellness, a kind of natural spa in the Madonna di Campiglio area. The idea is that spending time in nature has an effect on psychological and physical well-being. Eight routes are offered, accessible to all, with no special effort required.

Alpe Cimbra: the Massage Experience

Another green experience is the richness of tactile, visual, acoustic and olfactory sensations at Alpe Cimbra. All thanks to a 20-minute massage with zonal foot reflexology techniques

Brenta Dolomites: BrentAnima

Sensory walks, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda rituals and naturopathy treatments. A total well-being that starts in the mind and reaches the whole body. It is the nature of the Brenta Dolomites that nourishes the soul, through a series of holistic experiences that stimulate the senses.

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