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Paragliding: diving where the sky is bluer than ever

Italy, crossed by mountains and hills, overhangs on the sea or lakes and hills between villages and countryside, offers endless natural springboards from which to dive into the skies.

2 minutes

There are no age limits: anyone (even children weighing over 25 kg subject to parental authorization) can enjoy a tandem flight without having to attend any courses.

Italy is criss-crossed by mountains and hills, cliffs over the sea or lakes and high plateaus between countryside villages with endless natural springboards for sky-diving. Just a short run - usually together with an instructor - takes you for a real dive into the currents, along the flow of air to glide down to the valley below. The rest is pure emotion, overflowing feelings that ignite all the senses. A thrilling experience all year round (provided weather conditions allow safe flying), over urban, historical and natural scenarios without equal anywhere in the world. Fly and believe.

Aosta Valley: four seasons of flight

montagna con uomo che cammina

The many natural terraces around Mont Blanc in the Alps of the Aosta Valley offer endless flights that always reveal something new: in winter snow-covered landscapes make everything more magical, while at other times of year snow and ice almost touch the sky and green valleys appear below us.

Alto Adige: where eagles dare

parapendio in montagna

Discover the Dolomites from the same perspectives as eagles, sharing with these birds of prey the sensations and emotions of free flight. Val Gardena has many take-off sites to soar into the air and enjoy ever-changing views of the Dolomites, lakesides in full bloom and unique charming mountain villages.

Lombardy: focus on Lake Iseo

lago d'iseo dall'alto

If you have never tried but are curious to do so, Lake Iseo offers yet another reason for taking the paragliding plunge: there are many take-off points, such as Sarnico, Monte Bronzone or the hills of San Fermo, and you can land on the shores of the lake or in Franciacorta.

Latium: into the garden from the sky


Take off in Norma (Latina) where the remains of ancient Norba are still visible, rise into the air and discover the villages on the slopes of the Lepini Mountains, such as Cori rich in history and traditions, or Sermoneta built entirely in stone. It is well worth flying over the magnificent Giardino di Ninfa - especially in the flowering period - voted the most romantic garden in the world.


Basilicata: gateway to times gone by

parapendio in basilicata

The take-off point for paragliding from Maratea, also known as Truzzo della Salvia, boasts an extraordinary panorama. At 1000 metres above sea level, you can admire the Gulf of Policastro - dear to Greeks and Romans alike - in all its splendour. The beach at Acquafredda is the usual landing place.


Taormina: the Greek Theatre from the air

taormina dall'alto

An incomparable view of the evocative landscape unwinding along the east coast of Sicily: and once again, an unrepeatable chance to enjoy flight over unique scenarios such as Taormina and its Greek Theatre, between expanses of green and blue, with Etna in the background.

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