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Take a breath of fresh air in Basilicata

A mostly mountainous and hilly region, with a single large plain and many massifs, a spent volcano and beaches overlooking two seas

15 July 2022

2 minutes

A mostly mountainous and hilly region, with a single large plain and many massifs, a spent volcano and beaches overlooking two seas: Basilicata is a land of continuous discoveries and infinite beauties to a large extent still off the beaten track. Inasmuch, the range of ideas for one and all is growing exponentially between nature and art, ancient traditions and modern comforts. After all, very few places can boast such enormous diversity in terms of flora and fauna as well as climate, with huge contrasts and constantly evolving scenarios. The great outdoors: this is the common denominator linking the ideas we have selected for discovering this land just like a recent film shot hereabouts which helped increase its popularity: “Basilicata Coast to Coast”! Workshops, educational paths, training experiences and environmental education, as well as sport and trekking, not to mention so many testimonies of history and art: are you ready to ... breathe in so much beauty?

1. Outdoor sport

If you love sport, Basilicata will offer you a thousand ways to ... break a sweat: it little matters whether you are hanging from the ropes of an adventure park, hurling downhill at full speed or climbing. People who enjoy sport in a less "frenetic" way can opt for meditation, yoga and orienteering. And, of course, everything is always outdoors and always set in unique scenarios.

2. A breath of fresh sea air

Excursions with fishing boats, canoes or yachts - perhaps even hoping to sight dolphins: Basilicata's characteristic two coasts offer many activities for experiencing the sea to the full. You will find crystal clear waters with golden beaches and sea-beds rich in life and colours - a destination for diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

3. Mountain air

Winding rivers cross nature parks and protected areas in the shade of green woods where you can regenerate in symbiosis with nature. On foot, bicycle (and even flying ...) you can discover the Lucania Dolomites or try your hand at the many activities Basilicata has to offer visitors and mountain lovers.

4. Unexpected art

History has left indelible marks in the many villages that characterize Basilicata, leaving traces of peoples and cultures that have come here from all corners since the dawn of humanity. This turns even a simple stroll into an opportunity to come across archaeological finds, ancient castles or churches of rare beauty. In Matera or Metaponto, as well as Maratea and even the smallest towns.

5. From looking to doing

Learning to work with tuff, creating and decorating ceramics and learning the secrets of country life are experiences within everyone's grasp. And this is just a small portion of possible things to do in Basilicata, including multi-sensory itineraries, guided tours and courses of every kind. With special emphasis on people who prefer to get involved even on vacation.