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Basilicata, the Angel’s Flight: suspended between heaven and earth

In the heart of Basilicata, a sturdy steel cable allows you to fly above the Lucanian Dolomites, suspended between the peaks of two villages nestled between the rocks: Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano.

12 October 2022

2 minutes

These are the departure and arrival stations of Lucania's Volo dell'Angelo )Angel’s Flight, one of the most attractive zip lines in Italy.
An adrenaline-filled adventure, from the heights of unspoilt nature.

1. Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano: start and finish villages

There is no set route at the Volo dell'Angelo facility in Basilicata. You choose the station to start from.

Whether Pietrapertosa or Castelmezzano, both villages are charming, not only for their peculiar position, set among the Dolomite rocks, but also for the historical-naturalistic excursions they offer and for the exquisite local gastronomic products, first and foremost the Lucanian “peperone crusco”.

The strongest attraction, however, remains the Zip Line, which gives visitors an unusual view. A scenario normally populated only by winged creatures, in particular birds of prey and black storks.

Instead, it is filled with angels, especially in fine weather, harnessed and hanging from a wire.

2. Different lines: single or pair flight

You can savour the thrill of flying on two different lines, whose altitude difference is 118 and 130 metres respectively.

The first, called San Martino, starts from Pietrapertosa at an altitude of 1020 metres. It crosses a distance of 1415 metres and reaches a top speed of 110 kilometres per hour. Wind in the hair, bated breath and eyes full of wonder, all the way to Castelmezzano. The finish point is 859 metres above sea level.

The second, known as the peschiere line, is a little longer. It allows you to launch from Castelmezzano, from a height of 1019 metres, at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour, over a distance of 1,452 metres. The destination is Pietrapertosa, at an altitude of 888 metres.

Regardless of the arrival station, once you have laid down your wings and returned with your feet on the ground, you will be freed from the harness and will be able to reach the centre of the village opposite the one where you flew, thanks to a shuttle bus.

The choice of the type of flight is up to you: single or paired. Suspended between heaven and earth, the charming villages of the Gallipoli Cognato Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Park, a protected natural area for its characteristic species of flora and fauna, rich in exceptional specimens, will be there for you with a smile.

A dream experience!