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The name of Fosdinovo has always been intertwined with that of the Malaspina family: the village, in fact, from the Middle Ages until the 18th century, was the capital of the independent marquisate linked precisely to this important family, which has woven its history and destiny. The symbol of this centuries-long presence is the Castle: the building, which had already existed for a couple of centuries when the Malaspina family arrived, was however enlarged and restored, and it is said that it also hosted Dante Alighieri. Also worth seeing is the sepulchral monument of Galeotto Malaspina, located in the parish church dedicated to San Remigio, a French saint whose cult spread through Italy along the Via Francigena, and the Malaspina Theatre, with its inlaid wooden boxes. And finally, to be experienced is the historical re-enactment that takes place every year in July and recreates the ancient atmospheres, bringing them up to date, alive, exciting those present and transforming the village into the small medieval town it once was.


54035 Fosdinovo MS, Italia

Call +3901871788126

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