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Acqua Village water parks: Hawaii-themed water parks in Tuscany

18 July 2022

3 minutes

Tuscany has not one but two Acqua Village water parks: one in Cecina, the other in Follonica. Both are Hawaiian-themed and tonnes of fun for the whole family.

As well as water attractions, including slides, pools, lagoons and waterfalls, you can also enjoy a drink or a themed barbecue.

You will find the most amazing array of slides: musical, flying, fire, and even one in the dark!

There are also whirlpools, sensory showers, water games, wave pools and the Children's Islands with attractions designed just for the little ones to play in total safety.

Both parks are home to Italy's most famous water slide, intriguingly  named “Intrigo”.

1. Acqua Village Cecina

Hawaii on the Tuscan coast? Why not?! This themed water park offers kilometres of adrenalin-fuelled slides, a relaxing lagoon and everything you need to immerse yourself in atmospheres that will transport you to a fantasy world. You’re sure to find something for the whole family.

The perfect way to top off a day of daring slides and hours of relaxation is stopping by the Aloha to enjoy a refreshing drink, show cooking or a barbecue.

2. Lua Pele, the island of volcanoes

Lua Pele is the queen of attractions at Acqua Village Cecina. This themed area boasts a 17-metre-high volcano and two unmissable slides, including the truly unique Loko, the fire slide. Thanks to special 3D Projection mapping technology, you will feel as though you are in the belly of the volcano, on a river of glowing lava!

Or get launched in a rubber dinghy down Waho, the flying slide, into the Tiki mask with a boomerang effect. After this thrilling descent, you can take a well-deserved rest in the Wailele Lagoon, with six waterfalls, one of which descends from the summit of the volcano. It is the perfect place to sunbathe or relax under a stream of water.

3. The breathtaking descents of Cecina

Are you ready to experience the thrills of rafting? Introducing Intrigo!

You can choose the three-metre-wide tunnel to enjoy the experience as a family, or the narrower, steeper tunnel for thrill-seekers, solo or in pairs.

The Kamikaze will also get your heart pumping, as you descend on a rubber carpet that guarantees breakneck speed. Super high and super steep, you’re sure to be screaming all the way down!

With a more winding descent but a breathtaking final plunge, the Anaconda slide coils like a snake.

Prefer water slides in the dark? Then try Twister, two intertwined and totally enclosed tunnels.

4. Relaxation by the pool with the kids

The largest pool at Acqua Village Cecina is the wave pool, while the most fun is Fun Island, with water attractions and whirlpools, suitable for both adults and children to enjoy the water together.

Dedicated entirely to the little ones is Moku, the Children's Island, with children’s slides and water attractions.

5. Acqua Village Follonica

The Hawaii-themed water park in Follonica is twinned with the other Acqua Village water park in Cecina.

Here you will find just as many opportunities for relaxation and thrills, for groups or solo thrill-seekers. You will also find a replica of the Aloha, offering drinks, show cooking and fast food for a quick snack before heading back down the slides.

6. Acqua Village Follonica attractions

We recommend planning to spend a full day here, so you can try out all the attractions and return to your favourites. Feeling the need for speed? You’ll love the Walu waterslides: Kamikaze, flying down at full speed, Anaconda, with all its dizzying curves, and Surfing Hill, an undulating course full of sudden jumps.

As well as slides, there are also swimming pools, the largest being the wave pool. For the little ones, there is Moku, the Children's Island, identical to the one in Cecina, with children’s water attractions and slides.

7. The best slides at Acqua Village Follonica

The two unmissable slides you’ll want to go down over and over again are Naheka and Ukulele. The first is a slide in the dark with sudden lighting effects. As you descend in a rubber dinghy, you’ll want to keep your eyes wide open so you don’t miss a single moment of the magic! The second is a musical slide that sets the rhythm for your descent with cheerful ukulele notes.

8. Makai, the island of well-being

Excessive adrenaline not really your thing? Let yourself be lulled by the water in the relaxation area, suitable for the whole family. Makai is a wellness island with a swimming pool, waterfalls, sensory showers and whirlpools, all immersed in a Hawaiian-themed setting.

Peek behind the waterfalls and you will discover a sensory journey of pure enjoyment.